AC Valhalla Wrath Of The Druids
AC Valhalla Wrath Of The Druids

Those who have delved into Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Druid’s Expansion can do their best to find all the new weapon locations. In other words, one of them attracted the attention of dedicated Valhalla warriors, and that was Gae Bolg’s mythical spear.

Getting this weapon takes a lot of work, mainly because most of the main tasks and Wrath of the Druids assassinations and quests must have been completed. In other words, any progress in using this weapon begins with the main story mission “Into the Fog”, which introduces the player to the children of Danu, an enigmatic druid cult. The task requires players to find and kill The Cursed among the 10 cursed members of the Danu children.

Five of the 10 are found by playing through the main story, while the other five require clues to find them:

  1. Near the treasure hord icon on the map, between Lough Tuam Lake and Lough Rea Lake in Connacht, Ash’s first clue was found. The second is inside a tent at highpoint Kiltober. He can be found in a cave underneath Kesh Corann.
  2. On the benches next to the 50 delicious food altars, you can find the spider notes after winning the Dublin drinking game. After this, the spider itself can be found in the city.
  3. The first Whisper clue is on top of Boyne Tombs in Meath, and the other is on a table in a ritual site south of Kells Abbey.
  4. The Blaze is discovered in Ulster. One clue is in the graveyard next to the waterfall found at Bally na Gall in southeast Ulster. The other is inside the only house standing among a burned town, located northwest of Armagh. Blaze himself can also be found here.
  5. The Mist is also in Ulster, with the first clue being north of the big lake in Ulster, found inside a stone circle in Doon Daven. The second clue is on the shoreline north-east of Dysert highpoint in a boat. This leads to a small island called Doon Fort in Ulster in the north-west..

Whenever a Children of Danu members are killed, players will receive Bloody Amber. Collect all ten begins the second phase of the quest, “Amber Sun.” Players of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will want to make sure they’re as juiced up as possible, as Deirdre will then send them to fight Balor, a tough boss sitting at level 370.

After defeating him, Deirdre rewards player with the Gae Bolg Mythical Spear.