Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

“Resident Evil” is a series of games about two things: zombies and locks. Although “Resident Evil Village” is far from zombies, locks are still important. Since not all doors are locked from the other side, most require a key, but they are not easy to find. Ethan must use his wisdom and luck to restore the keys needed to progress, but luckily, players can get help. This is how you get the four-winged key in Resident Evil Village.

Shortly after escaping the castle, you will meet a mysterious peasant woman who is praying. In the cutscene, you will see her leave a key in a small box. Once the cutscene is over, open the small box and collect the Winged Key, which will open the door in front of you, and another door to return to the village.

When you arrive at Duke University and try to use the wing key on the door on your left, you will first notice that the wing key is not sufficient, and then you will receive a notification of “this key won’t fit. It’s decorated with a crest of four wings.”As you can tell, it needs the Four-Winged Key.

After exiting the castle, return to the first save point. A notepaper will list the items delivered to a house with the red chimney, and Duke will also point you the address as well. You may not have noticed it, but you have been close to the house, behind the teal gate.

Resident Evil Village

After re-entering the village, you will want to enter through the closed door in front of the house with the red fireplace. To your left is a small block blocked by a damaged wagon, but to the left is a damaged fence that you can walk through. Passing through this fence, there will be a set of stairs to your left immediately, leading to the porch and going through the front door.

Go through the house and out the side door that you must unlatch. Unlatch the shortcut to your right and go through the door on the left. After entering inside , you need to remove the cabinet from the opening and watch out for the Lycan enemy on the right.

There will be a tractor in front, we will go back to the tractor, but turn left next to it, a gate will appear, with “DO NOT ENTER” sign, it can be found at the beginning of the game during The Lycan Siege. In this case, use a knife to break the lock.

Resident Evil Village

There will be a cabinet with a combination lock in the house on the left. Use code 070408 to get the M1911 pistol and the Jack handle at the same time. Use the jack handle to return to the tractor and use it on the rear jack, lifting it high enough to allow Ethan to crawl under it.

Once you come out from below, drive to the right and turn left behind the rusty tractor. In the front, on the right side, there will be an opening with a gate, you can use the Iron Insignia key to open the door and go up the ladder once. Follow the path on the roof until you reach the drop off point. This will be a house with a red chimney, where you will find the four-winged key.

Turn left from where you dropped down and go up another ladder to the ceiling, where there will be a hole for the drop down. There is only one enemy inside. Drop the enemy, then open the ornate box on the nearby table and combine the contents with the “two-winged key” to make a “four-winged key.” Now you can go back to Duke to continue the game.