Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has hundreds of weapons for players to hunt, but some are more attractive than others. A Hand Cannon recently returned to the game in the form of Fatebringer, and veteran guardians will remember this as something monster of the original Destiny.

Thanks to the Perk dragonfly, which caused enemies to explode if they are killed with a precision blow, used to quickly eliminate large enemy rooms on each planet in the system. The Perk system has changed something from the original game, however.

The good news is that not only is Fatebringer back, but it can perform with Firefly, which is the better version of Dragonfly available in Destiny 2. Therefore, due to the randomness of the scrolls in Destiny, this is not easy 2, and players can get a version of Fatebringer that is very close to the original version they know and love.

Obtaining Fatebringer is also very simple. This will be a process familiar to veteran Guardians. All they need is to jump into the Glass Raid Vault and begin the clearance encounter. Encounter chests have the opportunity to throw weapons and armor from the glass dome, and players will have the opportunity to obtain Fatebringer in this way.

Remember, this only applies to people who encounter the box. Although the hidden boxes in the glass vault can put down weapons, they will only put down the weapons that the player has already received in the raid. Therefore, they will need to continue farming until they find at least one Fatebringer from the box they encounter.

While veteran players may think that a glass glass vault will be a simple perspective, they should take into account that some mechanics have changed since the days of the original Destiny. Encounters like Gorgon Maze contain some small differences that could catch players away if they jump too fast.

As before, the Vault of Glass ends in a battle with Athena, and this was also changed by many ancient techniques used by the guardians to knock down Vex creatures that no longer work. Nevertheless, the successful completion of each encounter will still provide players with the opportunity to contact Fatebringer, and may even bring them them a roll that is close to the classic glory of the old version.

To be honest, there are many other good weapons in the Vault of Glass, such as Vex Mythoclast, so players have good reasons to team up with firepower and jump into this classic Destiny content.