The power to make your characters famous has been added to BitLife. Now you can get celebrities working as a model, a singer, an actor / actress, etc. To be recognized, you can select from any of these professions. You can also get a celebrity by becoming a person known in social networks, where you can publish videos for millions of followers and see. So, if you aspire to achieve this, then here is how to become famous in Bitlife.

The easiest way to become famous on Bitlife is to become a social media influencer. You can achieve this goal by registering on any of BitLife’s social media platforms and posting to their website every day to connect with your fans. The more you post and connect with followers, the more famous you will be.

It will take some time to be known worldwide. You can try to reset the character until the percentage of the character that appears is at least 80%. Or be sure to stay active, meditate and go to salons and spas to improve your appearance.

To be an influential person, make sure that your appearance stats are as high as possible. The simplest is Instagram, but you can choose the social media platform you want to use. There is not much logic or method in this way, because you will shine in various types of random posts. After having 300,000 or more followers on the platform, you will get a famous tag.

You can also choose to become a famous movie star. A job as a voice actor will help you enter the industry. After that, you will need to put in a lot of effort to become an actor.

For those who want to become more sporting roles, they can try one of BitLife’s many sports and aspire to be in the major leagues after graduating from high school or college.

If you have musical talent, you can become a musician or singer. If you reach the highest level of any instrument, the band is likely to sign you to play with them. During your tenure in the band, you will become famous.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get famous in Bitlife.