Subnautica below zero
subnautica below zero

Subnautica: Below Zero offers players many opportunities to explore below the surface of the water, but those who want to truly explore the mysterious history of the land must also swim deeper. Initially the best way to get Robin to dive deeper was to get more oxygen by making upgraded O2 tanks, but this would only make the player go further.

Ultimately, vehicles can be used to drive deeper in a safer way, but these too have limitations. To push these vehicles to the limit, players need enameled glass.

Enameled glass itself does not allow players to go any deeper than they could before, but this is the requirement of some important manual recipes in Subnautica. The most useful of these recipes is undoubtedly the depth upgrades that allow players to go even deeper in their Seatruck.

Enameled glass is not something to be found, players will need to craft it at the Fabricator. Only three elements are needed for each piece of enameled glass: glass, lead, and diamond. After dragging all three, the player can go back to make enameled glass.

It is important to note that the item blueprint can only be obtained after the player unlocks Seatruck. Before this, there is no way to get Enameled glass, so players will want to focus on getting Seatruck.

When looking for ingredients, it helps to know where to find each item. Glass is also crafted at the Fabricator, but the player is required to have two quartz. These can be found protruding out from the sea floor. Lead is mostly found in galena outcrops, so players need to pay attention to the rocks sticking out of the walls of many biomes.

Finally, players looking for diamonds in “Subnautica: Below Zero” can see many biomes in the game. However, a reliable way to find them sooner is to go directly to the Koppa mining field.

In addition to these profound improvements, players can also use enameled glass for other purposes. With the help of “Habitat Builder”, players can make various types of glass domes and even conservatory room.

When using motor vehicle Bay, players need enameled glass to make Prawn suits and Seatruck Aquarium modules. It is also used to update Seatruck’s depth capabilities, even beyond the scope allowed for the first update.