Do you know how to obtain cloth in Rust? If your answer is “No”, please rest assured that we have covered it for you. Thousands of players have been trying to obtain a piece of cloth and cover up their nakedness, but could not find the exact process. In this guide, we will show you several ways to get clothes in Rust. Unlike other games, you cannot buy cloth directly from Rust’s store. Yes, you will have to fight and find materials to put the cloth on Rust.

There are two kinds of plants that can be clothed for you when harvesting. The names of the plants are: cactus and hemp. Unlike normal plants, these two plants cannot grow side by side. Yes, you will have to search for cacti in the desert biome, but Hemp can be found in the wooded biome. If you manage to touch cacti and hemp and harvest them, you will get five to ten types of fabrics, depending on the size and age of the harvested plants.

In particular, these plants can be harvested from animals and humans, but I strongly recommend that you use a stone axe to kill them to kill animals. After doing this, you will need to use the bones that killed the animals to make a bone knife and use it to carve the cloth from the corpse.

Cloth Harvesting With The Bone Knife:

  • Chickens – 6 cloth
  • Boars – 10 cloth
  • Scientists – 20 cloth
  • Stags – 25 cloth
  • Horses – 25 cloth
  • Wolves – 30 cloth
  • Bears – 50 cloth

After harvesting in the game, players will receive Hemp Seeds, which they can use to grow new Hemp plants. Make sure to plant these seeds after building the shelter, because if you plant outside, random players may destroy the Hemp farm. After setting up the shelter, you can begin farm cloth by using planters. If you plant hemp seeds in pots and take good care of these seeds, they will definitely provide you with better clothes than wild hemp plants.