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Bear and Breakfast Title Loading Screen
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The long list of potential achievements in Bear and Breakfast can seem insurmountable at first, but many achievements are actually very easy to get; getting every achievement in Bear and Breakfast is easier than you think! Many achievements can be obtained simply by playing along the game’s main storyline; if you’re going to be progressing through the game anyway, you might as well get some achievements while you’re at it! The first few achievements in this game are easy to get, but they get progressively harder the further you get into the game. Keep reading to learn how you can get all of the achievements in Bear and Breakfast!

All Achievements and How to Get Them in Bear and Breakfast

  • Sleep is Overrated – Wake up at the beginning of the game.
  • Little Rebel – Don’t listen to your mom.
  • Shark Oil – Meet the Pawn Voyage inflatable shark mascot, Fin.
  • Baby’s First Building – Repair the Dinky Shed in Timber Crossing.
  • Number One – Host your first guest.
  • Scrap Heap – Unlock the Garbage Dump location in the A24.
  • Watering Hole – Repair the Motel in the A24.
  • Go-Getter – Accumulate 10,000 coins.
  • Something Blue – Unlock 15 total blueprints.
  • People Pleaser – Host 50 total guests.
  • Hammer Fall – Unlock 30 total blueprints.
  • Bottom Line Cook – Unlock 5 cooking recipes.
  • Till The Soil – Repair the Farmhouse in Highlake.
  • Easy Street – Accumulate 100,000 coins.
  • Three’s a Crowd – Host 500 total guests.
  • Beyond Combear – Earn 100 five-star reviews.
  • Maddest Max – Repair all of the bus stops.
  • Bearst Friends – Repair all of the bear statues.
  • Know it all – Unlock all of the blueprints.
  • Won the Apron – Unlock 20 total cooking recipes.
  • Gordon Bleu – Unlock all of the cooking recipes.
  • Iced Out – Collect all of the unlockable trinkets.
  • Decked Out – Collect all of the clothes for Hank.
  • Silly Lilly – Collect all of the museum items.
  • Cool, Cool Mountain – Repair a Ski Cabin in Winterberry.
  • Endgamer – Repair a cabin in Pinefall.
  • A Lot With a Little – Complete all of the Dinky Shed management quests in Timber Crossing.
  • Holiday Spin – Complete all of the Motel management quests in the A24.
  • Happy Hershel – Complete all of the Farmhouse management quests in Highlake.
  • Grand Budapest – Complete all of the Ski Resort management quests in Winterberry.
  • Gone the Distance – Complete all of the Pinefall Resort management quests in Pinefall.
  • Unforeseen Consequence – Obtain a crowbar.
  • Crossed Keys Society – Get Gus to come work for you.
  • Hot Cuisine – Get Julia to come work for you.
  • Dog Days – Get Jax to come work for you.
  • Trash Culture – Get Wade to come work for you.
  • Where There’s Smoke – Learn about Barbara’s past.
  • Out To The Store – Find out what happened to Barbara.
  • The Bird God – Learn about the Bird God.
  • Until Next Time – Say Farewell to Fin (the Pawn Voyage inflatable shark mascot).
  • Lone Bear – Learn about the other bears in Silver Valley.
  • You First – Discover Hollowgate.
  • Freedom – Learn about Kai’s fate.
Hank Sleeping in Bear and Breakfast
Screenshot via Armor Game Studios/Gummy Cat

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There are numerous achievements in Bear and Breakfast, many of which are much easier to obtain than others. The first few achievements in Bear and Breakfast are almost too easy to get, but like most games, the achievements get harder and harder to obtain the longer you play! This achievements list is definitely worth completing though, especially if you’re a big Bear and Breakfast fan; it’s worth completing for arbitrary bragging rights if nothing else. If you love Bear and Breakfast but find yourself getting stuck in the game often, check out Gamer Journalist’s numerous other helpful guides for this game!