The Mortuary Assistant Title Screen
Image via DarkStone Digital/DreadXP

The Mortuary Assistant is a highly anticipated, thrilling new horror game recently released by DarkStone Digital. This game is pure nightmare fuel, even the most jaded horror gamers should think twice before picking this game up! What makes this game even better is the numerous possible endings it has. This game has six total endings, some of them much worse than others. Don’t underestimate the horrific potential of this game’s endings! Some endings in The Mortuary Assistant are easy to get, but some require a little extra effort and creative thinking to achieve. Keep reading if you want to know how to get all endings in The Mortuary Assistant!

How to Get All Mortuary Assistant Endings

Completing all endings in The Mortuary Assistant is no easy feat, but it’s completely worth it to see this terrifying story end from every angle! Some endings are bittersweet but overall pretty positive, and others are so bad you won’t be able to sleep for weeks; this game does not mess around with its bad endings. Still, the bad endings are with completing, if only to see how this gripping story could have ended differently. If you want to complete all endings in The Mortuary Assistant, make sure you successfully complete these tasks for each individual playthrough:

Correct Body Ending

This ending is one of the best endings in the game, and is, thankfully, one of the easiest endings to get. All you need to do to get this ending is to proceed with the gameplay as normal and use the correct sigils on the mark and burn the correct body. This ending will give you a bittersweet cutscene with Raymond; he will give you a speech about learning to never live in fear and will offer you a job working against these evil entities with him.

Standard Ending

The Standard Ending is another one of the easiest good endings you can achieve in the game. All you need to do to get this ending is to successfully complete the game in the same way you completed the game in the “Correct Body Ending” (use the correct sigils and burn the correct body), right after you completed it. This will give you a slightly different ending and some unique dialogue from Raymond after you’ve completed the game.

Incorrect Body Ending

This is a pretty brutal bad ending, but it’s relatively simple to complete if you’re trying to get it on purpose. After successfully completing two bodies, make a mistake by burning the wrong body, putting the wrong sigils on the mark, or by forgetting to add the reagent. This will result in the demon killing you, and possessing your body to kill Raymond in the end.

Demonic Symbol in The Mortuary Assistant
Image via DarkStone Digital/DreadXP

Basement Ending

This ending is a bit more complex and difficult to complete, but it’s entirely worth the effort. All you need to do to get this ending is gain access to the basement from the outside (this is much easier said than done). You’ll need to get the key from the bottom cabinet in the embalming room. While in the haunting delusion with the upright corpses (or undead demon mannequins, whatever they are), use the numbers on their heads to get the access code to get the key. Open the door to the basement and proceed along your playthrough as normal (burn the correct body and use the correct sigils). This will result in a secret, morally dubious ending involving Raymond.

Closure Ending

This ending is very aptly named and is one of the happiest endings in the game. Grab all of the sobriety coins from Rebecca’s apartment, and from the set of cabinets where the ID cards are located (you can grab the necklace too, but it’s not required to get this ending). When the game presents you with the image of Rebecca hanging from a noose, place the sobriety coins in her open hands. After you’ve done this, proceed along the game normally and burn the correct body with the correct sigils. (You’ll get a very touching cutscene with Rebecca’s dead father after the game ends.)

Game Over Ending

If you prematurely burn a body or take too long to pick a body to burn (allow the demon time to fully possess you) will result in a game over, and the game will bring you back to the main menu. Since this ending is merely a game over, not everyone accepts the Game Over Ending as a true ending, despite it technically being an ending to the game. This ending does still count as a bad ending, however, and is easy to get if you’re aiming to complete every ending.

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Congratulations! If you completed each specific task in each playthrough, you should have obtained every possible ending in The Mortuary Assistant! You can finally add that to your list of arbitrary accomplishments! If you love horror games like The Mortuary Assistant and would love to play more like it, check out Gamer Journalist’s guides for Phasmophobia and Resident Evil.