Bear and Breakfast Hygiene
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When it comes to Bear and Breakfast, keeping up with your B&B is the name of the game. And like any good B&B in real life, one such aspect that has to have a keen eye watching over it is hygiene. When it comes to your B&B, Hygiene is an imperative category to watch out for if you want to get a good score on your resort, and want the best reviews possible from guests. Today, we’ll explain how Hygiene works in Bear and Breakfast and how to get a better score overall.

Bear and Breakfast Hygiene

Part of what makes up your B&B as time goes on is the bathrooms that run throughout it. It’s important to have bathrooms not only for how your B&B is scored overall but how guests score it when it comes to their post-stay reviews. Making sure you have the proper facilities within your B&B can be a big deal, especially if you’re expecting to build one with many guests.

Building a bathroom is done similarly to how you build a bedroom but has its own separate parameters that must be followed. Having a bigger bathroom is a better choice than a small one, as this can directly impact its points right off the bat. Once you get it built, you’ll be able to place things such as a toilet, sink, and shower. All of which will also help in raising the bathroom’s score.

It’s also worth mentioning that bathrooms and bedrooms are separate things and neither one’s furniture is able to be placed anywhere except for its designated room type. This means no toilets in the bedrooms and no beds in the bathrooms, unfortunately. Although, you are able to decorate your bathrooms with Decorative Items which can improve their visual presence overall since toilets aren’t pretty to look at on their own.

When it comes to building a B&B, bathrooms can go overlooked so it’s important to keep Hygiene in mind when making additions to it. There’s a fine balance in building rooms, so just be aware of how your B&B is scoring as you’re adding on to what’s already there.

The level of your rooms also impacts your hotel Prestige which has a direct effect on how much your B&B makes in revenue. Higher Prestige means higher-paying guests, at the end of the day. So keeping a clear mind on balance is key to succeeding.

Your key takeaways should be:

  • Build large bathrooms
  • Build enough bathrooms
  • Decorate your bathrooms
  • Make sure the scores are improving as you do so

If you find your scores aren’t improving, take a look at what you’re doing with bathrooms and re-evaluate them.

That’s all there is to get a better Hygiene score in Bear and Breakfast! Hopefully, this guide helped your B&B flourish!

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