Having Issues? GO! Frame Rate Fix Mon!

Digimon Survive
Image through Bandai-Namco Entertainment America

So, you invested a fairly penny to turn into an early adopter of Digimon Survive. You boot the game up and start diving into the digital world, however … wait … one thing appears off. If you’re having bother with Digimon Survive and its low body charge, you’re not alone. Here are some options you possibly can attempt in the event you’re being tormented by low-FPS or common slowdowns in Digimon Survive.

How to Fix Low Frame Rate in Digimon Survive

It ought to be famous that these fixes could resolve this downside, however they require a sacrifice, of kinds. In Digimon Survive, while in battle, there are assault animations that play anytime you carry out an assault. I can think about that these animations add to the general aesthetic of the game, however, in the event you head for the settings and flip them off … you may discover a bit of a speed-up by way of body charge. Also, you could discover a setting to enhance the battle velocity. If you toggle that on, you could discover the FPS downside will get a little extra bearable.

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Are these excellent options? No. In reality, some may have a look at disabling these settings as taking away from the expertise the builders supposed. But, till Bandai-Namco swoops in to avoid wasting the day with a patch that fixes these points, these are the finest identified choices by way of user-side fixes. Good luck, Digi-Destined!

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