New World
New World

Do you want to learn how to fish in the new world? Next, we will show you how to obtain fishing rods and bait in the New World, and how to fish without a line. We will also show you the best fishing spots on the map.

How to get a Fishing Pole in New World

By far, the easiest way to get a fishing rod in the new world is to make it yourself. You can make a simple wooden fishing rod with 1 green wood and 1 fiber around any campfire. You can also get a fishing rod by talking to the Master Fisher Michael Shields in Windsward, but it will be faster to make one yourself.

Of course, there are fishing rods are of higher level but you must meet certain levels of requirements to use them. The Treated Wood Fishing Pole requires you to reach level 4; to use the Aged Wood Fishing Pole, you must reach level 18; the Wyrdwood rod requires level 40, and the Ironwood rod requires level 60.

How to fish in New World

In New World, you can fish very early, because what you need is really simple and easy to get. First you need a fishing rod. Second, you might want to get some bait by buying from any merchant in the game. You can fish without bait, but fishing with the correct type of bait for the type of water you are fishing (fresh water or salt water) will increase your chances of obtaining more valuable fish.

  • Press the F3 key near the fishing access point to enter the fishing mode.
  • Press R to equip the bait.
  • Press and hold the left mouse button to start your line; a bar will be filled to indicate your throw distance. Now release the left mouse button when you are satisfied with the distance.
  • Wait until you capture something (a warning will appear on the screen). Press and hold the left mouse button to rewind the line.
  • An icon with a green center will appear, and the icon will slowly stretche as you reel. Release the left mouse button after the icon turns orange, or your catch will escape.
  • Once the icon turns green again, it starts to swing again. Continue to switch between holding down the left mouse button and releasing the left mouse button to bring the fish towards you.

New World fishing hotspot locations

New World fishing hotspot locations