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Quantum slimes are an anomaly in Slime Rancher. Their quantum capabilities are a mystery to every rancher, and they are a huge pain to deal with. You’re going to need your wits about you when farming those pesky slimes, as their ghosts will phase through the walls of their corrals at will, causing havoc and chaos. But their plorts are worth it, and they serve as a satisfying rancher challenge, so how can you safely farm the quantum slimes in Slime Rancher?

Where to Catch a Quantum Slime

Quantum slimes are found in the later stages of the game, when you get to the Ancient Temple. In the Ancient Temple, you can’t move than five feet without bumping into one, or having a ghost phase through you.

They are docile, thankfully, so you can more than easily vacuum them up and take them home. Their ghosts, or ‘qubits’, are not vulnerable to your vacpac, as they are technically not corporeal.

How to safely keep Quantum Slimes in Slime Rancher

Quantum slimes need to be satisfied at all times, as their ability will cause chaos.

Quantum slimes have the ability to produce qubits, which are harmless manifestations that will travel in a linear direction. They will phase through walls and objects, and are not a problem on their own. The problems arise when the quantum slime reaches only 20% agitation, as the slime will switch places with its qubit. You can imagine the madness of quantum slimes teleporting all over your ranch.

A quantum slime will produce one qubit every 20 seconds, but if it reaches 20% agitation, it will produce one every 5 seconds. Again, it will only begin to switch places when agitated, so don’t worry if you see a bunch of them floating around.

To get rid of the qubits to prevent the slimes for teleporting, you can splash water on them as a temporary measure, or you can feed them. A quantum slime’s favourite food is the phase lemon, so for the sake of sanity bring one back from the Ancient Temple to begin growing them yourself. Keep the slimes happy and fed to keep the agitation level below 20%.

Due to their low agitation threshold, it can be easy to slip up and for them to reach it, so for your ranch’s safety, you can put them in a corral far away from your other slimes. This may be a pain, but it prevents you from paying the price.

Another good idea would be to have a water source ready and available near them in case you need to douse their qubits out.

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