returnal Phrike

Just like we own Ethereum, Returnal also has Ethereum. Here, it is also a very important resource. You also need to mine ether in the game, and this is not the end of the similarities. You can even trade it with other players online at ridiculously high prices.

It’s like Housemarque is looking at the real world. Just kidding, ether is a very important resource and you should reserve it when you get the chance. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to do this by showing you how to farm Ether in Returnal.

The best way to grow Ethereum is to complete the “daily simulation challenge”. After completing the daily simulation challenge, you can get 5 units of Ether every day. This is the simplest and most reliable method for Ethereum.

Exploring the various maps in Returnal is also a good way to get Ether, although it is a long process. There are at least three Ethereums on all maps. They are also easy to spot because they emit a bright purple color. However, they can also confuse the Malignant drops, so be sure to read the description when interacting with them.

Boss fights are the second best way to get Ether. You can play Boss Fights repeatedly, and each time you complete it, you will get 5 units of Ether. You can even buy ether online by interacting with the Fabricator. This is an expensive process and it will cost you a penny. Of course, this is definitely your last option, but it is up to you.

Ether is a very convenient resource because it is necessary when making items in Returnal. It can also be used to clear various Malignant objects in and around the map. Ether is also used to create a “Reconstructor” machine that allows you to respawn without losing all equipment.

This is all you need to acquire and farm Ether on Returnal.