Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Kojira
Image through Black Forest Games

In Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed, people aren’t the solely ones it’s good to destroy. In reality, finishing the Takoshima storyline will lead to your having to defeat a kaiju. Kojira could have been a human as soon as, however due to the KGB, she’s turn into a massive, lizard kaiju. It doesn’t assist that combating her feels such as you’re truly combating a kaiju. You’ll rapidly discover that your assaults don’t do a lot to Kojira, as a result of the bosses on this game are harm sponges. Here’s the way to encounter and defeat Kojira in Takoshima.

How to Encounter Kojira

In all equity, as a result of this boss is considerably remoted from the remainder of Takoshima, we received’t be going too in-depth on the subject of the missions. It’s fairly lower and dry. It ought to be famous, nonetheless, that these are the missions you’ll have to finish earlier than you get the prospect to combat towards Kojira:

  • Takoshima Story
  • Revenge of the Ninja
  • Dr. Go!
  • Our Man Crypto
  • You Only Live 137 Times

As you escape from the volcano base on the finish of You Only Live 137 Times, you’ll see Pox, who’ll provide the mission to defeat Kojira. Enjoy this cutscene, as a result of it’s particularly humorous. And as a result of it’s the final little bit of pleasure you’ll expertise till beating this boss. It’s very troublesome, y’all.

How to Defeat Kojira

It ought to be famous that, not less than within the first section, it’s greatest to keep away from making an attempt to break Kojira together with your saucer’s weapons. You’ll rapidly understand that they don’t work. As irritating as that may be, there’s a technique to the game’s insanity. In this primary section, your objective ought to be to destroy the buildings earlier than Kojira has an opportunity to soak up them. But, Kojira received’t take that mendacity down — she’ll bombard you with assaults, and also you additionally must fend with the missiles launched by the Black Ninjas. So, it’s loads.

But, if you can also make it to a sure level, the game will auto-save. This means, in fact, that dying will allow you to begin from the second section, which … is a headache unto itself. Pox will inform you that your saucer’s weapons are ineffective towards Kojira — GEE, THANKS, POX — so that you’ll must proceed on foot and use the weapons in your arsenal to take her down. I warn you: you’ll not have sufficient ammo to beat Kojira. If you’re not comfy utilizing the transmogrify perform to spawn extra ammo — you’re about to be.

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From right here, it’s all about shooting Kojira till she dies. I like to recommend the Disintegrator Ray, however I additionally used the Zap-O-Matic (regardless of it having nearly no impact on Kojira). This section is a little more tolerable due to the truth that your health can replenish in case you go so lengthy with out taking harm. At some level, Kojira will collapse, at which level you simply have to preserve unloading bullets into her. You might imagine they aren’t making a distinction at first, however belief me after I say that her health is happening. In due time, and with sufficient persistence to produce a small military, you’ll overcome your scaley nemesis and move on to Tunguska.