Phantasy Star Online 2
Phantasy Star Online 2

Many players want to know how to make quick money in Phantasy Star online 2 new Genesis. This will allow you to get several new items in the game. Also, remember that the money in PSO2 is called N-Meseta. Then, let’s find out how to earn more n-plateau quickly in PSO2.

Some methods are:

  • Complete trials and urgent quests.
  • Complete all the daily challenges to earn money.
  • Search and open all the Red Containers in PSO2.
  • Sell excess items for a profit in the shop.
  • Collect all the alpha reactors.

Trials and Urgent Quests are confirmed methods that allow you to make money in the game. These tasks will randomly appear on the map. As the game progresses, you will gradually start to earn more income through these Trials and Quests

Completing daily missions gives you a good chance of winning exp and money in large quantities. Nor does it take much effort to complete these simple missions. Therefore, it is worth spending time to complete all these mini-missions.

Finding and open all the red containers scattered around is also a good way to earn money. After finding all locations, you will get a payday of 500,000 N-Meseta.

If you have other items, you can sell them in the store. Doing so will ensure that you get some cash in exchange for the items you use. Recycling is always good. The last way to make money quickly is to search for reactors around the map. Each reactor will give you 3500 N-Meseta, which is enough.