Dragon Quest XI

There’s no easy way to grind in any RPG, much less in a lengthy game like Dragon Quest XI. Fortunately, with the right equipment and items, the grind becomes more bearable. In XI, one way to get your hands on mid-to-endgame grade items is through its casinos.

There are two casinos in the game: one in Puerto Valor and another in Octagonia. Both have different sets of prizes, so you’ll have to token grind in both to nab all the useful items.

In each casino, you can choose between one of three games to play: poker, roulette, and slots. Truthfully, you can efficiently token grind in whatever game you prefer. It just depends on your playstyle.


Compared to the other games on this list, poker is the one with the least payout — though it’s also the only game that can guarantee you a steady reward streak (even if you lose a couple of times).

The poker variant featured in the game is the “5-Card Draw” where you are dealt five random cards and attempt to beat the dealer’s hand rank. In this game, it’s important to calculate the poker odds and maximize your winnings. For example, how likely is it that you’ll form a flush given the number of cards left in the deck? If you’re aiming for a Diamond flush and only two to three cards from the suit have been discarded, then you have a good chance. Besides, the game gives you the option to redraw cards after the initial hand is dealt.

Poker is not available at Octagonia, however, so for safe players out there, Zoom to Puerto Valor.


The Roulette in XI is the standard one we see in everyday casinos — a table with 36 numbers written on it, split into three rows. You place your tokens on individual numbers, rows of numbers, or even a squareblock of them, and earn rewards based on the panel the roulette lands on. For instance, if the roulette lands 9 (Red). All tokens on the number “9,” “Odd” space, and the first row are multiplied.

Since there’s no way to predict what result the roulette will show, this game is riskier compared to poker. However, you can play safely (and earn steadily) by spreading out your tokens in every round.


For those who would rather spend the minimal effort to win, then the slot machines are your friend. There are two machines you can play on: the Five-Spin Slots and the Slime Slots. The Five-Spin Slots multiply your inserted tokens depending on the kind of slime that you match and how many in a row they appeared. For example, four Big Metal Slimes multiply your tokens by 100.

Meanwhile, Slime Slots plays like an adventure game. Whenever you match slimes, your slime avatar advances into its adventure. It may sometimes encounter monsters and treasures.

Between the two, the Five-Spin Slots has better payouts, though the odds of losing is also fairly high in it.This is why you should save your game every time they get a big payout. On the other hand, it may take awhile to see significant earnings on Slime Slots, however, it’s the only game that can be left on auto. You can eat a meal, leave it alone, and slowly generate tokens.