Madden 23 screenshot of nick chubb running past ravens defender
Image through EA Tiburon

In Madden 23, it’s common to search out your self in the course of breaking out an enormous play, just for a defender to rapidly shut in and cease you on the line of scrimmage. In these conditions, it might be very best to take what little momentum you may have left to select up a few additional yards by diving via or over your opponent.

In this guide, we are going to break down all the things you could find out about the way to dive in Madden 23.

Diving in Madden 23 is a quite simple maneuver, even with the a number of types of dives which are obtainable within the game. In earlier guides, we’ve touched on the way to hurdle and slide in Madden 23 as a ball service and quarterback. So, this guide will primarily concentrate on diving ahead as a ball service and over prime of linemen.

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Diving ahead as a ball service can come in useful when there’s simply a few yards between you and the sideline or purpose line. One possibility is to simply go down and keep away from any probability of shedding possession of the soccer. However, an alternative choice could be to dive ahead with the ball outstretched to select up as many further yards as attainable.

Obviously, there’s extra danger with the second possibility as you’d be leaving your participant huge open for a giant hit mid-dive. However, with soccer being a “game of inches”, it may be the distinction between successful and shedding. So, the secret is to make it possible for there’s a secure distance between you and the defender.

To dive in Madden 23, all you could do is;

  • Press and hold X (for Xbox) or Square (for PlayStation) whereas controlling the ball service.

It’s necessary to notice that you could press and hold down these buttons to activate a dive close to the endzone or sideline. Although, if you happen to can’t discover any holes to run in between your offensive linemen, you can even dive overtop of them to select up the yards as a substitute. Which may be carried out by merely holding down X (for Xbox) or Square (for PlayStation) as you strategy the offensive line.

That’s all the things you could find out about the way to dive in Madden 23. If you’re fascinated with extra Madden content material, remember to try our guides part right here at Gamer Journalist. Where yow will discover info like the way to scout in Madden 23 Franchise mode or the way to get a 99 OVR in Madden 23 Face of the Franchise.