Get yourself the best gloves to slap people.

A cartoon-like character flying off after a slap
Image via Tencelll

Just when you thought the concept of games couldn’t go any crazier, we came across Roblox Slap Battles. It’s a game about slapping players into oblivion. This sure sound like the best way to channel our frustration and negative emotions. It’s satisfying for people who want some fun, but also want to blow off some steam in an extremely chaotic environment.

The game features different gloves which you can use to slap people. Unsurprisingly, these gloves add special abilities with each one having its own unique trait. While some gloves have passive abilities, others need you to use active skills. One of the trending gloves in the game is the Error Glove. Let’s have a look at how you can get a hand on them.

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Getting Error Glove in Roblox Slap Battles is no simple task. The requirements for acquiring the gloves are too strict. Players will need to reach 20,000 slap counts to find it behind the Moai Statue. After unlocking the glove, go to the main spawn area. Search for Moai Statue in the lobby and go behind it once you spot the structure. You will find the Error Glove there.

There are a few tips and tricks you can follow to make the process easier.

  • Compete in Public servers and slap as many people as possible.
  • Use Slap multipliers which boost the number of slaps you perform on people.

Without using the tips, it would become exceptionally difficult to get the gloves. Slapping 20k times is a time-consuming process.

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