Like regular mushrooms, but fancier.

How to Find Boreguses in Ooblets
Image via Glumberland

Mushroom gathering is a potentially dangerous vocation. It’s very easy to mix up benign and poisonous mushrooms, so gathering should be left to professionals. Luckily, there are no dangerous mushrooms in Ooblets, so feel free to grab all the mushrooms you want, especially if they’re Boreguses. Here’s how to find Boreguses in Ooblets.

A Boregus is a species of foraging plant in Ooblets, specifically a brown mushroom with white spots and a little red thingy on top. It kind of looks like a truffle, come to think of it. Boreguses aren’t the most useful plants in Ooblets, but you do need them for a few particular things.

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Luckily, Boreguses aren’t that hard to find. You can forage for them in the grassy areas around Badgetown; their brown coloration makes their growth spots pretty distinct against the yellowish-green of the town’s grass. If you’re looking for a particular spot, try the grass around Gimble’s hot air balloon, Burpy. You can also look around the corners of buildings like the Town Hall, as well as at the ends of residential fences. Corners are the name of the game when it comes to mushrooms.

Image via Glumberland

The only quest you need Boreguses for is one from Arah, who requests three of the little dudes to make a “dumb potion,” in her own words. Besides that, Boreguses are an ingredient in preparing Oodles, can be given to Outgrid for her occasional hankers, or can be sold at Meed’s Seeds for 12 Gummies a pop. You can also dump them into a Reconstitooter to get 3 units of Slurry if you’re looking to craft stuff. That’s more than most common items around Badgetown, so if you’re looking to get a quick stack of Slurry together, Boreguses are your guys.