entering ruin in tower of fantasy
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Tower of Fantasy is house to many adventures and perils. In your explorations, you’ll come throughout bands of enemies, attractive places, terrifying bosses, and improbable rewards. But you don’t should enterprise far out to expertise all of these 4 parts of the game. The ruins in Tower of Fantasy are house to relics and unimaginable fights and even puzzles, where no two smash is identical. But how do you discover these ruins, and what are they?

What Are Ruins in Tower of Fantasy?

Ruins may also be thought of mini-dungeons, as they’re a linear monitor of the separate development of puzzles and enemies until you discover your technique to the boss.

Each smash may have a really useful stage that your wander must be to enter them, as they’ll change into extremely tough. However, every smash rewards you with a relic and/or relic shards, to noticeably compensate to your efforts. The smash offers you the relic to start with, so you may have an opportunity to mess around with it and experiment with it.

ruins chest in tower of fantasy
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Ruins may be positioned on the map, represented by way of an icon that appears just like a spiky tower. To acquire entry to any smash, although, you have to get by way of chapter 1, mission 3 – clues within the smash. This mission will take you thru your first smash and can mean you can entry the others.

How to Complete Ruins in Tower of Fantasy

Ruins are extremely easy and enjoyable. All they require of you is to hold moving forwards in the identical linear path, defeating any enemies alongside the best way.

Do hold an eye fixed out for chests, the full variety of chests within the smash may be discovered within the high left aspect of the display, to ensure you take your whole rewards!

boss in tower of fantasy
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At the tip of the smash will probably be a boss combat that you have to defeat in an effort to proceed. Using your weapon combos and your relics will probably be a certain path to victory.

Once the boss is defeated, you may step exterior and declare your large reward.

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Can You Replay Ruins in Tower of Fantasy?

reward in tower of fantasy
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You can re-enter an already cleared smash, however it will likely be precisely the identical as you left it, and any claimed rewards can’t be reclaimed.

Each smash has three difficulty ranges, every passing on extra and better rewards, however the difficulty will increase by a big margin and you might have to return so much later when you’ve leveled up considerably.

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