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Part of what makes Arcade Paradise such a fun title is just how much freedom the game gives you as a player. Want to ditch work and just play arcade games all day? Go for it! Want to be a workhorse and earn as much money as you can to keep the dream alive? You’ve got it! No route is the wrong one in this game as it gives players the tools they need to create the arcade paradise of their dreams, whatever that may actually be in the long run. But if you’re struggling to maximize the flow of cash and need guidance to expand your arcade oasis, we’ve got just the guide for you!

There are a great many methods to grow your arcade empire as Arcade Paradise does a fantastic job of offering players numerous different ways to earn money and to expand the arcade of their dreams. Although playing games is definitely one of them, most of the ways to expand your arcade are actually achieved by working long, grueling days in the laundrette or maximizing the popularity and price-to-difficulty ratio of your arcade cabinets to maximize cash flow.

The best way to earn money, thus giving you the jump on expanding your arcade quickly is by paying a lot of attention to the garbage and laundry aspects of your laundrette. You should also be on the lookout for gum stuck to fixtures as you can easily earn up to $50 per each one pulled. Additionally, remembering to check hoppers every few hours is really going to get you that extra money needed to purchase machines.

The key to actually expanding your arcade though is through purchasing arcade cabinets via ArcadeMania on your in-game PC. Cabinets are pretty pricey though allow you to move them around the arcade and experiment with balancing the popularity of the more played ones with the lesser ones, improving their popularity over time.

As you begin to purchase more and more machines, you’ll progress the story which will, at specific times, allow you to actually do some remodeling to the laundrette, expanding it to give you additional room for even more machines. So, in short, to expand your arcade you’ll want to work hard to earn money, purchase arcade cabinets often, and then pay to have your arcade expanded once the game gives you the chance at specific story moments.

Because Arcade Paradise is pretty heavy on its story progression mixing well with its gameplay, the pacing of expansions to the laundrette and arcade come just as you’re hitting your stride at that time of the game. So paying attention to machines and your laundry is going to pay off well so that you’re never behind the 8-ball.

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