At some point, as players gradually learn about the story of Biomutant, they will face a confrontation with Boomhuts. These impenetrable bunkers cannot be destroyed by conventional means, but they will continue to fire explosives at players and their allies until they are properly handled.

This is obviously a huge pain, especially when the game tells the player to destroy Boomhut without giving any guidance. The solution is actually much simpler than originally thought, but it will take some time to put it into practice.

To destroy Boomhut, the player must hit the grenade to hit back at it. The player can do this by standing still and facing the Boomhut who is about to shoot. Before the grenade hits, press the melee button to deflect it. This would make it rush to the bunker violently and completely destroy the bomber. Time will slow down a bit, and a melee button prompt will appear on the bomb, so this can help players who find themselves struggling in the process.

If the player misses or swings too early or too late, it is important to avoid it as much as possible. These explosives are no joke, and players don’t want to suffer more than a few consecutive blows. There seems to be no other way to destroy them, because weapons, mutation abilities and even Psi abilities seem to have no effect at all.

At some point, players may be asked to sabotage Boomhuts instead of completely destroying them, and the process is much easier. The player will find a red valve that supplies fuel to the fire. Turning this will sabotage the Boomhuts, but they need to be careful not to explode in them.

Biomutant does not think it is appropriate to provide tutorials on how to deal with these Boomhuts, which is a bit strange, rather than making it more of a problem than anything else. In any case, with this knowledge and a little practice, players will no longer have trouble destroying Boomhuts.