Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise

With the 3.0 version of The Rise of Monster Hunter, a new villain has appeared, the Allmother Narwa. The player will fight Narva to the end and must prevent her from breeding. Like any other boss battle, this battle is very detailed and very difficult. The battle is so detailed that it is divided into two parts. Let’s see how to defeat Allmother Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise.

You have to stop Narwa and Ibushi from breeding so you will be fighting them both. Follow the steps to know how to defeat both of them:

  1. Before starting the mission, don’t forget to collect Spiribird, as this will provide you with unlimited health and unlimited endurance. This is a great battle, so you will need to gain all the health and endurance. Also look at the chest for more items.
  2. The battle will start from Ibushi, and you will find him where you first fought Narwa. Ibush’s attack will also throw some rocks into the air, wait for it to take a step back. Use these rocks to charge Ibushi because it will give you the correct elevation.
  3. Ibushi’s weak point is its chest so try to aim all your attacks there.
  4. One of Ibushi’s attacks will produce small tornadoes. Although these tornadoes may seem deadly, they will blow you up and save you from several consecutive Ibushi attacks.
  5. Once Ibushi’s health is low enough, a cutscene will be triggered, allowing Ibushi to break through the ground and fall under him. This will take you to the second part of the battle.
  6. At this part, you will see Narwa coming and sort of biting Ibushi and killing it.
  7. Every blow of Narva is very deadly, so be sure to take all the lanternbugs you find. You will find some snow beetles, they will get you some extra damage, so catch them too.
  8. Also look for Aurorturtle, which will keep you in a stable health condition and make your character faint when the health bar drops.
  9. Lightning, lightning bolts, and lasers are one of Narva’s deadliest attacks, so stay away from them as much as possible. Dragonator’s are the deadliest in this battle. They will start from the middle and move outward, so you must sneak into the middle to avoid them.
  10. Machine guns and cannons will eject from the ground. There will be a slow motion and you can use a machine gun. Wear them as much as possible during this time, because this is when you shine.
  11. Magnamalo, Kushala Daora, and Teostra one of them will drop in the middle of the battle after Narwa has taken enough hits.
  12. Although it seems to be against you, the monster has come to help you. Monsters will attack Narva, and you can ride it to get into the correct position faster and cause more damage.
  13. Use the monster to its optimum and don’t forget to use its special attack.
  14. The weakest places of Narva are the tentacles on her arms, the area under her head, her back and her tail. Make sure to attack all attacks here to make the most of them.
  15. Once Narwa dies go around the area and collect all the drops you find. There will be a lot of drops so scrape around thoroughly.

Narwa is one of the hardest, so it’s best to face her in multiplayer mode. Be sure to bring a healer, because you can treat your teammates regularly. The only downside is that if any of your teammates die 3 times, you will have to start again. This makes the multiplayer option a double-edged sword, so make your decision wisely.