Sea of Thieves A Pirates Life
Sea of Thieves A Pirates Life

The Ocean Crawlers in Sea of ​​Thieves are really difficult to deal with, because everyone needs different methods and strategies to defeat them. They can be quick, tough, and flexible, but if you know exactly how to deal with them, defeating them becomes a breeze. This is how you defeat them in Sea of ​​Thieves.

There are three types of Ocean Crawlers in “Sea of ​​Thieves”, Eel-ectric, Crab, and Hermit. Each of these creatures have different appearances and abilities, making them powerful opponents in the game.

To defeat the Eel-ectric, you need to use a gun and keep your distance. To defeat the Crab, you must dodge their attacks and then counterattack with a sword or gun. Finally, when fighting the Hermit, dodge its charge attack, and then continue your own attack.

If the timing is right, it will be easy to take out the Crab and Hermit ocean crawlers , but you must do so quickly and vigilantly. If you are facing an Eel-ectric, you must maintain your distance and when absolutely necessary attack it.

Ocean Crawlers will usually attack you where you can’t see them because they hide deep under the sea and pounce on you when you don’t expect it. The most dangerous of these is the eel electric. If you get near it and try to attack it with with your sword, it will only dodge and attack you because it is difficult to deal with him.

If you can ignore them and move on, then you have to do it, but if you are going to fight, make sure you know exactly how to beat them.