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days gone

If you want everything to go smoothly, knowing how to defeat a Horde in Days Gone requires preparation and planning. Finding hundreds of Freakers at once is scary. If you don’t know what you are doing, it may take a few seconds. However, there are multiple ways to destroy the Horde in Days Gone-you can set up and prepare things that make these deadly enemies in Days Gone more manageable.

Look for bottlenecks and strategic points

Hordes are huge and difficult, but one advantage you have is that you can walk through smaller spaces. Look for the alleys between the buildings and the caves to crawl through, so you can slow them down, and then you can throw explosives and jet bullets at them as they come down.

Fight them during the day

As we mentioned, Hordes sleep during the day. This means that everyone must be in a closed enclosed space. Very suitable for explosives. If you find their hiding place, you can blow up many of them with a few grenades because they are climbing on each other and trying to find you.

Look for nearby exploding barrels

Hordes are often found in nearby areas with explosive barrels, so be sure to bring them when you notice the tribe. One bullet can kill many at the same time.

Place traps before you alert them

Before getting their attention, place short-range bombs and long-range bombs along your route. You can even shoot down hundreds of them without shooting, especially if you shoot them down in the small spaces mentioned earlier. When the Proximity bomb goes out, don’t get too close!

Upgrade your Focus to the maximum

The usefulness of Focus cannot be overestimated. When fighting against Hordes, Focus is usually the difference between life and death, because you can line up to shoot and fire a bullet at the Freaker’s head instead of consciously spraying and making a lot of body shots.

Pick the right weapons

When hunting Hordes, it doesn’t make much sense to have semi-automatic weapons like sniper guns. It is best to grab a light machine gun (MG45 or RPD), assault rifle/SMG (our favorite is MWS/Chicago Chopper) and SMP9 automatic sidearm to cope with the few remaining skirmishers. The light machine gun is particularly useful when taking down the main body of the Horde.

Craft as many explosives as you can

Throwables are your best friend when taking down a Horde. Molotov Cocktails, Frag Grenades, Attractor Bombs – anything you can throw (except rocks) will be useful for wiping a Horde. Even Smoke Grenades and Flashbangs give you a few extra seconds.

Attractors (and Attractor Bombs) are crucial

With the larger Hordes, you can quickly be at a loss when they rush towards you. Attractors – and Attractor Bombs can relieve some of the pressure. It won’t divert all their attention, but you may be able to kill the few remaining people and then throw grenades at the horde around the attractor before you finish.

Get the Under Pressure skill

Using “Focus” is important to kill the tribe, but make sure you have the “under pressure” ability in the “Ranged” category. This means that charging during the focusing time will pause the timer, so half of your focusing time will not be spent on reloading.