Golf Gang Customization
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If you’re like a lot of gamers lately, then you may be having a great time in the newly released Golf Gang. With its overall silly take on the sport of golf, this title has a lot to love, especially if you’re playing with friends. From its topsy-turvy gameplay, fun courses, and highly customizable balls, there’s a lot to enjoy. If you aren’t so sure how to customize your ball though, we’ll explain all there is to it!

Golf Gang Skins
Image via Gamer Journalist

When it comes to customizing your ball in Golf Gang, there are many different aspects to it. Though most do cost a hefty amount of spendable points, so it’s best to complete a course or two in order to start purchasing things. It’s definitely a great incentive to continue playing the game as you can earn points in either single-player or through multiplayer, so you’ll never stop rocking them up.

When it comes to purchasing customization options, you’ll want to head to the top-right area of your home screen near your Steam ID. From there, click that marketplace icon to head to the store. The store has all of the different customization options to purchase as well as additional Courses to buy.

In total, there are 5 different customization options to choose from as well as ball modifiers that can be used in-game to give your ball various effects. The 5 customization options are hats, accessories, skins, faces, and trails. All of the items vary in color and style, really giving you a chance to fully customize your ball as much as possible. It’s a really neat touch that makes your ball stand out when playing with friends. The items can be a bit pricey, but there are some more affordable choices within each category.

Once you’ve purchased your customization items, you can either equip them instantly from the store or head to your customization page to do so. To access the customization page, go to the top-right of the screen again but click the paintbrush and palette. It’ll bring you to the customization page where you can not only equip your items but change your ball color as well. Something worth noting though is that you can change the color of your ball to whatever you’d like via a color slider and it’s completely free.

That’s everything there is to customizing your ball in Golf Gang. It’s such a great feature to have and makes things even more silly as you play. The breeze of collecting points as you golf is also something that feels rewarding, especially when you consider how expensive some items are.

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