Moss block is a very useful element in Minecraft. Carpets made of moss blocks can be used as the grass surface for structures in Minecraft. In this guide, we will show you how to get a moss carpet in Minecraft.

Follow these steps to get your moss carpet:

For the first time, you must create moss carpets in Minecraft yourself, because they don’t generate naturally. You can lay a piece of moss block first, and then feed it bone meal, so that you can quickly get a moss c. Feeding moss block, bone meal will give you a chance to get block of Moss carpet. However, this may be an unreliable process.

You will need to continue feeding bone meal to several moss blocks to generate a sufficient number of moss carpet. Or, you can try a crafting table. Put two moss on the crafting table and turn it into three moss carpet blocks. You can find the moss block in the chest of the shipwrecks.

Or, you can trade emeralds with wandering merchants in exchange for two moss. You will have to use these methods to find moss blocks and moss carpet blocks until they naturally appear in Lush Caves in the next update 1.18. This update will allow you to find moss carpet blocks in the open world.

After obtaining the Moss Carpet tile, you can press it to pick it up. These carpet tiles do not require specific tools to harvest them. You can feed moss blocks to obtain various plants, such as Azalea and Flowering Azalea. Of these two variants, the one with flowers is the rarest, so it is difficult to find in Minecraft.

That is everything you need to know about moss blocks and how to get moss carpets in Minecraft.