Beacon In Minecraft
Beacon In Minecraft
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Crafting a beacon in Minecraft is not easy, because it requires a super rare Nether Star item. You need 3 obsidian blocks, 5 glass and 1 star of the Nether to make a beacon. Beacons are one of the most powerful and useful items in Minecraft. To start creating beacons, we need some important materials.

The following is the production recipe, which contains a list of items that need to be used:

  • 5 x glass
  • 3 x obsidian blocks
  • 1 x Nether Star

Where to find Nether Star in Minecraft?

To find the Nether Star, you must first enter the nether in Minecraft. After entering the nether, you need to find a nether fortress. When you are here, you can also collect lava in the bucket to create obsidian blocks. Go down to the fortress and look for the Wither skeletons. You’ll need a skeleton skull to summon the wither.

Where to find Nether Star in Minecraft

To summon the wither, go underground so you can limit its ability to attack you. After entering the ground, summon the wither by placing 4 pieces of soul sand in a “T” shape, and place 3 wither skeletons on top of the top 3 blocks. Make sure to place any skull as the last square in the summoning process. Once summoned, make sure you have a Smite on your sword to double the damage when fighting the wither. After defeating the Wither you will receive the Nether Star.

How to craft the Beacon in Minecraft

After obtaining the Nether Star, you can start to obtain the remaining necessary materials. You can get obsidian blocks by throwing lava into the water. For glass, you can collect 5 pieces of sand to make 5 pieces of glass. Finallygather all your materials in the crafting menu.


On the first line of the crafting menu, place a piece of glass in each empty slot. Put a piece of glass in the first and third grooves in the second row. Place the star of the Nether in the middle slot. Now, fill the empty slot at the bottom of the crafting menu with obsidian blocks. This is how you make beacons in Minecraft.

How to place the Beacon in Minecraft

Placing the beacon on the ground will not produce any results. This is because the beacon must be placed in the pyramid to work. You can use resources such as emeralds, diamonds, gold or iron to build pyramids. You can build an iron pyramid and place the beacon on it, after which you will see the beacon glow.

Activating Power Boosts in Beacons

You can add iron bars to the beacon to activate the two power effects available at that tiers. To increase the radius of the beacon and gain more power, you need to add more tiers to the beacon pyramid. The four-tier pyramid will allow you to gain regeneration powers, which you can add to existing powers to improve.

Customizing Your Beacon in Minecraft

Customizing Your Beacon
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You can customize your beacon by placing stained glass on top of the beacon. You can also create new colors by stacking glass panels of continuous colors. You can also place a glass panel on the beacon beam to change the color of the beam. Like beacons, you can also customize the color of the light beam by stacking glass panels.