Biomutant is an ambitious open world game developed by a small team. It has attracted many concurrent players on Steam, and its core is a beautiful world and fascinating ideas. Part of the interesting thing Biomutant players find is the weapon crafting system. Unlike other systems that abstract materials into seamless finished products, Biomutant’s crafting is more like building something out of Lego bricks. This system must be used to obtain Starstruck achievements/trophies, which requires crafting seven-star weapons. This is the fastest and easiest way to get Starstruck.

Step 1: Finding the Pri Murgel Sword

  • Forget everything you know about crafting guns in Biomutant. Only melee weapons can work. In fact, only one specific melee weapon is required for Starstruck crafting trick to work.
  • The weapon is called the Pri Murgel sword, and it is hidden in a cave. For games that focus on science and mutation, this is a strange and mysterious sword. To find the sword, the player must first find a way to it through the reactivation of the Lumentower.

Step 2: Find the Lumentower and Cave

  • Lumentower is on the lake, in an abandoned lighthouse on the island. Getting in requires to solve one of Biomutant’s rotation puzzles, which is not very difficult. After that, go to the top of Lumentower and turn on the lights.
  • Follow the marker on the map to the mysterious text on the wall and interact with it to open a cave. This is the resting place of the Pri Murgel sword. However, there is an enemy on the road, he is big and fast.
  • After defeating the Surf Huggel, activate the three mystical writing walls around the cavern. This will allow the Pri Murgel sword to be extracted from its island in the center of the cave.

Step 3: Add to the Sword

  • After that, just find a nearby store and buy some weapon accessories. Get some of them on the sword and raise it to seven stars, nothing more-Starstruck Unlocked. Moreover, it provides a sword that can measure most of the psi-powers in Biomutant, so this is an added benefit.