Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

“Resident Evil Village” is the latest work in Capcom’s popular survival horror series. It took place three years after the events of “Resident Evil 7.” Ethan Winters is back, and this time he’s on a mission to rescue his daughter from werewolves and vampires.

Windmills are an important part of the Reservoir Biome in Village. They generate the electricity needed to power the Sluice Gates. Opening the gate door will drain the fishing village and allow you to fight Moreau. So, without any hindrance, lets find out how to get to the RE Village windmills.

The first windmill is already working, but the second windmill has stopped. It can be easily accessed through the Gatehouse. However, when you get there, you will find that the crank is broken. This also means that you will have to get the crank from the first windmill.

Therefore, to enter the first windmill, you have to use all the floating debris. In water, you are likely to become fish food. Continue through the rubble and onto the roofs of the house. Here you will see a huge structure fixed with yellow tape.

Cut these ribbons and drop the structure into the water. Use it to pass the water to the shack. Inside you will find a staircase. Climb up this ladder and push the cart off the roof. Now on your left is a set of bridges that you must cross.

Between these two there will be a part in which you will have to operate the puzzle. Reach for the first blue lever and release the switch. Quickly cross the sidewalk and enter the next stable platform. Here, flip the orange switch and then press the blue switch on the vibrating platform to cross safely.

After that, once you enter the house, you will find three sets of switches. Use them in the following order.

Blue ->Orange ->Yellow

Now you will run as fast as possible because the bridge will not be able to hold for long. When you reach the intersection, drive to the right and continue. Wait for Moreau to cross before continuing. Keep going and you will come across another cart that you have to push into the water.

Continue on this road from now on until you come back to the house that leads to the bridge. After arriving, put another car in the water and pass into the windmill.

Enter the windmill house and keep walking. You will see a lock on the ladder. Shoot it and the ladder will fall. Use the ladder to get to the top, then go to the windmill crank. Attach the crank there and then turn the platform. Now, go back to the stair opening and you can climb to the top of the windmill. Here you can find the zip line to the second windmill. Use it to traverse.

Once you get to the second windmill, you can use the crank on the deck again like the first. Now the Sluice gate will be electrified.