Destiny 2 Forging Iron quest log
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Forging Iron is the introductory quest to Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted’s version of IB (Iron Banner). Bungie has done away with the old bounty system in favor of a daily challenge one, and that’s causing a little bit of confusion for Destiny 2 players.

Forging Iron aims to walk you through these new changes to Iron Banner this season, and we aim to walk you through Forging Iron with this quest guide.

How to Complete Forging Iron in Destiny 2

Step 1 – Play a Game of Iron Banner

Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenge node
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After you collect the Forging Iron quest from Saladin in the Tower, your first task will be to play one game of Iron Banner. Before you jump into the playlist, though, we’ve got a list of things for you to do so that this quest goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  • First, make sure you’re using either a Void or Solar subclass. You will need to complete an Iron Banner daily challenge as a part of this quest, and one of the daily challenges is to complete three matches with a Void or Solar subclass, so equip them in advance.
  • Second, make sure you equip as much Iron Banner armor as you possibly can. The reason for this is twofold. First, there’s a Forging Iron quest step that requires you to earn 300 rank points. You get a rank point multiplier at the end of all your Iron Banner matches for each piece of Iron Banner gear you’re wearing. This multiplier is also increased by equipping an Iron Banner emblem and completing the daily challenges. The other reason to run this gear is that there’s a quest step that asks you to complete matches while wearing Iron Banner gear, so using it in advance will effectively skip that step.

After you’ve got the right subclass and gear equipped, you can jump into Iron Banner and play your first game.

Step 2 – Complete an Iron Banner Daily Challenge

After you complete step one of Forging Iron, you’ll be asked to complete a daily challenge. The first daily requires you to complete three matches with either a Void or Solar subclass. If you had one of those two equipped preemptively, then you’ll only need to play two more matches.

Step 3 – Earn 300 Iron Banner Rank Points

Destiny 2 Forging Iron - Iron Banner rank boost.
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Step three of Forging Iron is the longest step of the entire quest. To complete it, you’ll need to earn 300 Iron Banner points. This is why it’s so important to increase that rank point multiplier. At most, this step could take you six or seven games, but you might be able to do it in five or so if you’re running Iron Banner armor.

Step 4 – Collect an Iron Banner Engram Form Lord Saladin in the Tower

At this point, you’ll be asked to go back to Saladin at the Tower to collect an Iron Banner engram. If you’ve been playing your games with Iron Banner gear equipped, though, this might actually be the last step of the quest for you.

If you’ve completed the requisite number of matches required for step 5, then Forging Iron will immediately finish upon taking the engram.

Step 5 – Complete Iron Banner Matches While Wearing Iron Banner Gear

If not, you’ll need to jump back into the Iron Banner playlist to complete more matches, this time wearing the correct gear. The more Iron Banner gear you wear here, the faster this quest step will go.

Step 6 – Speak with Lord Saladin in the Tower

Destiny 2 Forging Iron Lord Saladin Vendor Screen
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Once you’ve finished enough games, return to Lord Saladin at the Tower, and Forging Iron will complete.