MLB The Show 22
MLB The Show 22

In baseball, a bunt is a batter technique in which the batter hits the ball without swinging at it. Instead, he will purposefully make poor contact with the Ball and Bat, causing the Ball to fall into the infield. This disrupts the defender’s strategy, causing holes in their defence. In this game, you can Bunt, which allows your team to make several runs. I’ll show you how to Bunt in MLB The Show 22 in this guide.

How to Bunt in MLB The Show 22

bunt in mlb the show 22

To perform a Bunt in MLB The Show 22 is pretty simple. Here is what you have to do to execute this move.

  • Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S – Hold Y and aim with the Right Joystick.
  • PS4 & PS5 – Hold Triangle and aim with the Right Joystick.
  • Nintendo Switch – Hold X and aim with the Right Joystick.

You will execute a Bunt if everything is done successfully. You will feel the Controller vibrate when holding the Bunt button. With a little practise, you’ll be able to regularly knock the ball down. Your opponents will be thrown off guard if you have the Bunt in your arsenal.

It is important to remember that you should not use this strategy frequently since your opponent will notice the next time you do it. You’ll win if you’re random and unpredictable. Also, be prepared to sprint when you hit the technique in MLB The Show 22. Any nearby Fielders will react fast, and you may wind up losing that play.