The newest breedable creature in Minecraft is Axolotl. These lovely aquatic friends come in many colors, and most of them breed in water-filled caves and bubble columns. Despite their attractive appearance, newts will attack other underwater creatures, destroying drowned and other underwater creatures. They have the ability to pretend to be dead in battle to heal in battle. Players can collect these lizard-like little friends in buckets and put them on the track as pets or like many other friendly Minecraft mobs.

To breed two axolotl, the player needs to feed them at the same time. Like the polar bear mob in Minecraft, these small amphibians can become friends and bred with fish. However, they will not just eat any fish. These picky salamanders only eat tropical fish in buckets. Therefore, to raise them, the player must make a cube with iron ingots. Players can collect the fish in the bucket for themselves, or buy a bucket of fish from the merchant for 5 Minecraft Emeralds. To collect fish, the player only needs to use the interact button on the fish while holding the empty bucket.

How to breed Axolotl in Minecraft

Once the player puts the fish in the bucket and two adult axolotl, they can raise them. Adults can breed every five minutes to form a baby, usually one of the colors of the two parents. However, regardless of the color of the parents, a newt baby has a 1/1200 chance of having an extremely rare blue. Babies grow up to adults within 20 minutes, but the time can be shortened by feeding them more fish.

The possible colors an axolotl can be are:

  • Lucy
  • Wild
  • Gold
  • Cyan
  • Blue

Axolotl is one of many endangered creatures that Mojang brought to Minecraft to raise awareness. In the game’s list of endangered and critically endangered species are polar bears, cute Minecraft bees, giant pandas and turtles.