returnal Phrike

Returnal Obolite is a game resource that can be used to craft items and other game items. Once you die, all the Obolite collected during run will be lost, which is where Obolite Repository in Returnal comes handy. Of course, to get this “currency”, you must break the Obolite Chunks around the world or defeat the enemy.

In this guide, we will show you how to break Obolite blocks in Returnal and how to use the Obolite repository.

To destroy an Obolite block in Returnal, you need an Atropian sword. Once you get an Atropian sword, you can press Square while standing next to melee and destroy the Obolite block. There are also Malignant Obolite Chunks which are purple in color. These will also give you Returnal Obolites, but can also cause you to malfunction.

Using the Obolite Repository

The Obolite repository is a device that exchanges Ether and Obolite with each other. Ether is used to clean Malignant objects, and you should use Reconstructor to respawn from the last object you used at the time of death, rather than normally at the crash site.

To use the Returnal Obolite repository, press Triangle to exchange 5 ethers for 200 Obolites, or use Square to exchange for 5 ethers in the form of 300 Obolites .

So if you have a large amount of Obolite in one run and you find an Obolite repository, we recommend that you swap something for Ether using Reconstructor in future runs.

That’s everything you need to know on Returnal Obolites, how to break Obolite Chunks, and using the Obolite Repository.