How to Become an Actor in BitLife

My understanding of becoming a professional actor comes primarily from watching a lot of Saturday Night Live and reading The Disaster Artist, so there’s a distinct chance I have no idea how it works. Luckily, in a life simulator game like BitLife, the workings of society tend to be a smidge more flexible, so anyone can be an actor if they’ve got the right stuff. Here’s how to become an actor in BitLife.

Becoming an Actor in BitLife

  • Be good looking
  • Get a job as a voiceover actor
  • Work hard and join social media platforms
  • Get promoted to Lead Actor
  • Become a Famous Actor

The first thing you need to be an actor is, somewhat unsurprisingly, good looks. You gotta be a real looker, I’m talking 70-80 Looks stat at the bare minimum. If you start with lower looks than that, you might as well just start a fresh life then and there. High smarts also go a long way; studios want more than just a pretty face, after all. 

Next, you need, as the folks in the biz call it, “tape.” You need experience that shows you can work in a dramatic field. The best way to get this experience prior to becoming a full-on actor is to apply for a job as a voiceover actor. As long as your looks and smarts are high enough, you should be approved right away. After that, you’ll need to stick with that job for around six years or so, making sure to keep up your work quality as well as maintaining your looks. If you’re in good standing, you’ll be promoted to a full-on actor!

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Don’t get complacent, though; you’ll need to keep up the good work for about five years or so. Remember to join any available social media platforms, as they’ll be vital for the next steps. Eventually, if the quality of your work maintains, you’ll be promoted to lead actor, and a few more years after that, you’ll become a movie star, unlocking the fame bar in the process. With the fame bar, you can boost your public profile by selling books, appearing in commercials, and doing the ol’ talk show circuit. At this point, you’ve officially got it made; just remember to maintain your reputation carefully on your social media platforms and it’ll be sunshine and roses from then on, barring any potential run-ins with stalkers.

This is one of the many careers you can have in BitLife. Check out our BitLife challenges section for an overview of some of the other things you’ll need to master in this life simulator game.