How to Beat the Moonshine Mob in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
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While I don’t condone prison exercise, I’ve to confess that the aesthetic of old-timey gangsters and bootleggers continues to be certainly one of my favorites. It is smart, then, that the Moonshine Mob is certainly one of my favourite fights in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. That stated, they obtained one thing we want, in order that they’re taking place. Here’s how one can beat the Moonshine Mob in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course.

The Moonshine Mob is a four-phase struggle on a three-floor stage. There’s gonna be a lot of stuff moving round and drawing your consideration throughout this struggle, so I’d advocate packing a loadout together with a monitoring weapon like Chaser or Crackshot that you would be able to simply fireplace and overlook when you focus in your positioning. You can use any character for this struggle, although Ms. Chalice’s dodge roll is sort of useful within the second section.

Phase 1: The Spider

The struggle begins out with the Spider skulking across the three flooring. Whenever he passes by, get on one other flooring and begin taking shots at him. Be aware of where he’s coming and going as a result of police bugs will come out to launch puffs of pesticide in his basic course, which you may get caught up in.

The Spider’s obtained three devices at his disposal: a distant that calls down hanging bombs, a caterpillar, and a phone that calls up thugs. The bombs will detonate when you stand right in entrance of them, however they are often simply prevented with a touch. The caterpillar will bounce across the stage, however it may be destroyed with a couple of shots. The thugs will fly in from the background and seem on the stage a second later. They can all be dispatched with one shot, so simply let your monitoring weapons clear them out when you give attention to the Spider, and watch your again in order that they don’t spawn in right on high of you.

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Phase 2: The Lady

The Lady will decrease in together with a gramophone and begin dancing round on the center flooring of the stage. The gramophone produces six streams of green music, three of which is able to flip yellow, then pink after a couple of moments. The music is barely harmful when it’s pink, so don’t fear about dodging till then. Just use Ms. Chalice’s roll or Cuphead/Mugman’s smoke bomb to dodge previous the pink streams when you preserve your weapon skilled on the Lady. Again, a monitoring weapon can take among the guesswork out right here.

Barrels and cops will run by throughout this section, however they’ll each go down in a few shots, so don’t pay them a lot thoughts.

Phase 3: The Anteater

How to Beat the Moonshine Mob in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
Image through Studio MDHR

The Anteater will smash the highest and center bridges of the stage (be careful for his palms when he’s smashing!), then take up place within the background. He’ll begin utilizing his nostril to poke both facet of the three flooring, and after a couple of pokes, he’ll launch his tongue out throughout the complete size of the stage, then pull again a wad of bugs that he’ll ship bouncing across the stage.

Stay on the bottom flooring and use your monitoring weapon to preserve the strain up each time the nostril pokes out, being cautious to dodge the bouncing bugs. If the Anteater pauses to stay his tongue out on the bottom flooring, you’ll be able to duck below it. He’ll additionally attempt to faux you out by solely partially sticking his tongue out, however simply duck both manner and also you’ll be wonderful.

Phase 4: The Snail

When you beat the Anteater, a “Knockout” signal will come out from the highest of the display screen. Don’t put the controller down, although, as a result of this can be a fakeout. The Snail will come out from below the Anteater’s hat and start launching projectiles from his megaphone. He can’t take many hits and his shots are very simply prevented, so simply fireplace again a couple of shots of your individual, and he’ll go down with out an excessive amount of extra hassle.

Congrats, the Moonshine Mob is all washed up! Claim the Distillery Dough and go discover the remainder of the elements within the Delicious Last Course!