Since Returnal is roguelike, you naturally need to constantly unlock new items and weapons to defeat specific enemies that are hindering your progress. One of those opponents possesses a red shield, which seems impossible to pass, but there is a tool to remove it.

This is all the information you need to defeat the red shield enemy in Returnal.

Once you start exploring the first biome in Returnal, you will encounter enemies with red shields. To defeat this enemy, you must manipulate a specific item called the Aptropian Blade.

Aptropian Blade is Returnal’s melee weapon, allowing you to get up close and personally deal some damage to your opponent.

Naturally, you can unlock the weapon through the first biome in the game. Don’t worry about missing it, because you can’t really complete the level without getting it.

After unlocking the Aptropian Blade, you will never lose it. From that moment on, the object will become part of your character permanently.

In addition to using it as a melee weapon, you will also find that this Blade can be used to destroy walls that hide useful items, making it the most important weapon in the game.

And that is everything you need to know about how to beat red shield enemies in Returnal.