Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village
Mother Miranda

This battle is difficult, because Miranda uses various attacks and needs a lot of ammunition to permanently take her down. First of all, you need to move on to prevent the boss from hurting you as much as possible. Usually she attacks in a straight line and tries to drop you in a certain position, so if you run to the edge of the sand, you can avoid many of his injuries. That’s a good idea, because you need to outlast than this boss, and this fight will take a while.

In her first stage, Miranda simply attacks you with her paws. It will start towards the center of the arena and charge forward, but it will attack in a straight line, so you will have time to dodge it sideways and then wail on her from the side. Hit her hard with a weapon like a shotgun, dealing as much damage as possible. However, before you shoot too much, understand the timing of your actions, because it is a good idea to keep ammo in this battle, and the cost of missed shots is also high.

Blow up Miranda in close combat, watch out for her to call pillars of mold up from the ground. When this happens, back off and stay close to the edge of the sand. Between the pillars, a huge sticky golden ball of mold goo will appear, spraying orange explosions in all directions, but the pillars will provide cover to prevent damage. But remember this: when you see the golden ball and there is no cover, shoot it to destroy it.

After the ball is passed, be careful of Miranda’s offense because she will cut through the mold and catch up with you. In fact, this is good. If you can attract it with a mold, it will create ammo droplets that can be collected. Keep hitting her with the weapon until she takes enough damage to enter the second form, where she gets great spider leg.

Miranda now gains stronger attack power and increased agility. She will keep coming straight at you, swinging away with multiple blows, but you can still dodge them by high-tailing at the edge of the arena. Be especially vigilant on the final blow of her melee combo, because even if you dodge the side of her initial blow a bit, she can now turn to hit it.

The good news is that when she completes attack mode, this will bring her closer to you so you can turn and shoot her a couple of times before she withdraws. Keep avoiding these attacks and be careful to let her jump over the vertical stones on either side of the arena. When she does, shoot her if there is one, but try to run, it will jump off the stone and land wherever you are.

Resident Evil Village

In the third part of the battle, Miranda sets off and then you have to dodge. Now, she’ll now swoop down through the air and nail you. It will repeat several times, so stay awake. When she stops, fire a sniper rifle. Watch for Miranda to approach and summon the three golden mold balls on her head. When this happens shoot them, if you have rounds of grenade launchers this is a good time to use them because you can nail Miranda to great damage and blow up all the orbs. If you leave them, they’ll overwhelm you with those molten mold blasts, and there’s no good way around them, so even if you have to use pistol ammo, make sure you take them down.

When you do enough damage to Miranda in midair, she will fall back to the ground and take her first terrestrial form, but this time she will blind you in the dark. Keep attacking in a straight line like before, but this time you won’t see it coming and you will have to listen to it. This is very difficult, but try to stand your ground, find your own way and shoot, because she will disappear quickly after completing the combo, and it will be difficult to shoot afterwards. You want to hit her a few times so that she cancels all dark thoughts, at which point she will revert to one of her previous forms.

In the final part of the battle, Miranda will basically take turns in all forms and offenses, so keep your moves and use the strategies you used earlier to deal with her. Give priority to hiding or destroying the golden mold ball, because this is the most difficult attack to avoid, and try to maintain as much damage as possible. This part of the battle can be very difficult, because it becomes difficult to keep hurting Miranda and your ammo can start to decrease. Hit it with everything you have, but if you can, keep crafting shotgun ammo, as this is usually the best way to damage it with a quick shot.

In the end, Miranda will chase you in the final strike and ask you to shoot. Take out all the guns that still have ammo (hopefully the shotgun, because a handgun will make it tougher) and start shooting. A few shots in front of her will blow her away, and a few more shots will eventually put her down.