Griftlands has ended early access and is now a fully released deck-building roguelite, with three stories to unlock and play. It is packed with lively characters, a deep story and an interesting game loop, making players wonder if it will come to Switch.

The first character to be unlocked in Klei Entertainment’s Griftlands is Sal, a ruthless warrior and thief who has just bought her own indentured servitude. Just coming out of the prison where he spent his childhood, he is looking for Kashio, the woman who killed her parents and sold her. This is the guide to beating Kashio after Sal finally catches up with Kashio.

Beating Sal’s Story

Kashio is the final boss in the Sal story, because this story is called Hunting Kashio, so it makes sense. Therefore, she is a powerful enemy and cannot be fully predicted. In contrast, although a boss like Slay the Spire’s Corrupt Heart can become a statistical giant, it’s very predictable. What players need to remember is that, on the other hand, Kashio is different every time she fights, so she has no hard and fast deck rules.

The plan to persecute Kashio appeared as early as Sal’s story: storming a large auction where Kashio was hired as a security guard. Sal must form an alliance with the Admiralty or the bandit organization called Spree in order to enter. Before the auction, Sal’s contact in the partner organization will ask Sal to help in some way. This may be a negotiation or a battle, but doing what they want is the most important thing.

If successful, they will allow Sal to take one of the five valuables (graft or card) for free. Later, Sal can (and must) participate in the auction to obtain another item. Be careful: Just like the original Pokémon opponent taking the Pokemon players leaves behind, Kashio will use any items that the player did not take away.

How to win the Fight

Here are a few Kashio must absolutely not have:

  • Blast Chamber: it gives Kashio an extra attack each round and, if taken by Sal, gives Kashio an extra action point each turn. Take this before anything else.
  • Suitcase Grenade: an extra attack for Kashio each turn that hits Sal and all her allies.
  • Discharge Pistol: Kashio gets a counter every turn. Not ideal, because if she tries infinite combinations, the counter will really destroy Sal’s health.

On the other hand, if possible, Rentorian Force Glaive and Support Beacon should be delivered to Kashio. Both are easy to deal with and are not good for Sal, so leave them. Particularly interesting is the Hologram Belt, which generates Kashio clones every round, so players must try to find the real clones.

This is unpleasant, but not a very high priority. Remember, Kashio hates Sal and will only attack her, so pets and allies will not mitigate the damage. When you have a good hand, stay alert and hit hard. This is not an easy battle, but it is definitely worth winning.