Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village
Karl Heisenberg

Take a look at Karl Heisenberg and the hair behind the neck brace. He is the messenger of destruction, and he will leave nothing on this path. Never has a hammer been created from Family engineering technology. Not only that, this confusing character also has supernatural powers. Behind his cowboy looks, there is a genius. He lives in the Heisenberg factory and is one of the four lords who serve Miranda.

This may be the easiest battle in the game, thanks to the toys you bring to Heisenberg. In the elevator, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the vehicle. Try to keep his machine gun on fire until you can let loose with the tank round. If Heisenberg narrows his space, place a chainsaw in front of his face to stop his attack.

The tank is much more flexible and mobile than Ethan’s on foot. What you want to do here is shoot sideways to avoid Heisenberg’s attacks and charges, while constantly firing with machine guns and explosive bombs. You should be able to keep attacking him most of the time in the early stages of battle.

You will see bright red spots on his chest, on the crane’s arm with the saw he used to attack you, and on his lower body. Aim at the target with the target you shot at it. Sometimes he will pull out a large piece of metal to serve as a shield, but he will leave a hole in one of the weaknesses so you can plead with him and force him to drop your guard.

Hitting any point and having enough shots will stagger him, but you must destroy all four points to give him enough damage to take him into a new phase of the battle.

Heisenberg has taken enough damage, he will kick you out of the tank and force you to fight him. He will drop some pieces of metal on the battlefield, which can be used as cover when running. But the goal remains the same: do your best to hit him in weakness, use your most powerful weapon. You can also guard his attack, but you will take more damage.

The good news is that you don’t have to especially fight Heisenberg to finish this phase, so prioritize staying alive and shoot him if possible. There are more ammunition and other collectibles on the battlefield to help you fill the necessary ammunition. After dealing more damage to him, the cutscene will take you back to the tank, where you can freely take down Heisenberg.