Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

Harbinger is the last boss that must be defeated in order to finish the Halo Infinite Campaign. She will emerge as the Boss Fight near the end of the Silent Auditorium Mission. She is a three-phase boss, and the combat becomes more difficult with each phase. In this tutorial, we will go through how you can defeat Harbinger in the Halo Infinite.

To get to Harbinger, you must first defeat her guards which are not much of an issue for the First and Second Phases. The third phase will pit you against a Brute Chieftain wielding a Gravity Hammer who is tough to deal with. To defeat him you’ll need to take advantage of the Arena’s verticality since he’ll be able to 2 hit KO you.

Maintain your distance while gradually eroding his health. There will be guns scattered throughout the arena, so don’t worry about running out of ammunition. Harbinger, the final boss of the Halo Infinite Campaign will remain inactive at the start of each phase.

After you defeat her guards, she will emerge from her Golden Aura and attack you. She is highly swift and fast, which makes Grappleshot and Thruster best gun to use. You can also use the Sentinel Beam to demolish her Shields to inflict damage on her Health.

Harbinger will enter combat with a full shield every time a new phase begins, but her health will not be replenished. Take your time taking her health out an you can easily defeat the final boss.