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Great Runes are one of the primary items dropped by some bosses in Elden Ring. There are seven Runes, each of which provides passive buffs and perks. However, this material cannot be used right immediately. You must proceed to their respective Divine Towers in order to reactivate their trapped energy. When it comes to Great Runes, Rykard’s Great Rune should not be overlooked. It heals your health when you kill your opponents once you’ve equipped it up. But how can you find its tower? Here’s where you may use the Rykards Great Rune in Elden Ring.

Where to Activate the Rykards Great Rune in Elden Ring

You can activate the Rykard’s Great rune by restoring its energy on the Divine Tower of West Altus. But discovering this location generally is a bit tough.

Follow the talked about under steps to succeed in there:

After you’ve beaten Rykard on Mount Gelmir, proceed to the outskirts of Lyndell Royal Capital. Take the southeastern path in the direction of the Sealed Tunnel. Keep an eye on the details as you proceed. When you see a route, go inside a narrow alleyway to the right.

how to activate rykards great rune
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As you enter the tunnel, you will come upon a Site of Grace. You may unwind there instead of wasting your time. Then, keep straight and soar over a slew of obstacles in your path. This area has a multitude of fake partitions, adversaries, and subject bosses. As you progress, an escalator will carry you down. Straighten your spine and make your way through the trunk of a massive tree.

Then, dip below and return to the straight path. You will come across a lot of large trunks that will lead you below. Get on the bottom by jumping on these trunks. As you go, you’ll come across Onyx Lord, a topic boss. We recommend taking down this monster since it drops 16000 Runes and an Onyx Lord’s Greatsword.

elden ring activate rykards great rune
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Once you’ve vanquished him, proceed to succeed in the Divine Tower of Altus. Return to the top of the tower to repair Rykard’s Great Rune’s facility. Now that you’ve replenished its energy, be sure to activate it with a Rune Arc.