How to activate Easy Loot in Horizon Forbidden West

When you kill a machine on Normal difficulty in Horizon Forbidden West, its external elements are damaged unless you eradicate them first. This means that as you examine the wreckage of the machine, some of the most useful stuff will be unavailable to you.

To obtain that prize, you must attack these outside pieces separately while the machine is still alive, causing enough rip damage to knock them off the machine’s body. Then you might be able to plunder them separately from the bottom. This is how looting works by default in Horizon Forbidden West. However, activating Easy Loot modifies the concepts.

How to activate Easy Loot in Horizon Forbidden West
Screenshot by Gamepur

To enable Easy Loot in Horizon Forbidden West, stop the game by hitting OPTIONS, then choose settings and navigate to the General page. When you change the problem to Custom, six additional issue settings will appear: Damage to Aloy, Enemy Health, Easy Loot, Concentration Duration, Auto Concentration, and Auto Heal.

When you enable Easy Loot, you will be able to loot external pieces from the wreckage of a slain machine without having to blast them off separately. Set the other five Custom options to whatever works best for you. It’s worth noting that if you go directly into the settings menu from the game’s start screen, you won’t be able to access the problem settings.