As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls follows two very different, yet just as troubled family units as they cross paths over the course of 30 years to tell a tale of perseverance and forgiveness. As a Choose Your Own Adventure game, the title is jam-packed with choices and consequences that result in plenty of endings for each character’s journey and destination, each one of varying satisfaction. Here’s our handy breakdown of what major choices you should be making within each chapter with your initial playthrough to get its best ending for each character.

We have made the article as spoiler-free as possible.

Chapter 1: Desert Dream

No major branching path choices are made in this chapter, however for the sake of the most satisfying character development, aim to shape both Vince and Jay in these specific ways through your choices – the former being cooperative, and the latter being a pacifist.

As Vince, never let on to the police about the Holts, and keep the tension between the groups to an absolute minimum by appeasing Dale specifically – this will mostly consist of calming Joyce down and keeping Zeus quiet.

As Jay, do not make any impulsive actions during the robbery. Keep every action to a minimum to avoid disturbing Dante’s house and further upsetting him. Only do what is absolutely necessary – be as much of a pacifist as possible, and retain this characteristic for Jay across the entire game.

Chapter 2: Economics 101

From this chapter onwards, specific choices to do with sealing the fate of its characters will be at play here. Follow our directions to avoid deaths and characters hitting a dead end on their journey.

This chapter has you play as Vince only. Ensure that either Tyler or Vince have the gun at the beginning of the chapter. Work with Michelle to get into contact with Dante. When the cops invade the motel, choose to take cover. Choose to exchange Jim and forgive him. Warn Dale about the sniper, and get back into the motel safely together. Vince, Michelle and Zoe should remain.

In the past, have Vince confront Michelle, admit to the accusation, calmly discuss the matter, and ultimately forgive her in its final choice for this segment. Forgiveness is an important decision to commit to throughout the game, and especially here.

Chapter 3: Small Seconds

As Vince, decide to sue the airline and stay married to Michelle. Tell Sharon about the pager, and prioritize keeping Michelle and Zoe safe throughout this entire ordeal, but keep your gun raised at Sharon when confronting her at the pool no matter what.

As Jay in the flashback, keep hold of the watch. Allow Thorne to escape and save Bear. This will result in Bear being hospitalized, and Jay buying time to sort through his family issue.

Chapter 4: Shima

As Jay, make a good impression on Vanessa and leave with her number by choosing to say goodbye to her rather than leaving without a word. When reunited with Sharon and Tyler, choose to save Tyler to seal his fate as a fugitive rather than being locked up.

As Ash, the only major decision here is to keep the cabin a secret from Dante – he will eventually be reunited with Joyce due to having saved her life in chapter 2 no matter how his time in the woods plays out.

Chapter 5: Paradise Found

As Jay, remain as pacifistic as possible when around Vanessa. Choose to either romance her or stay as friends, but ensure that she sees their time together until the very end.

As Paul, commit to helping Sharon by choosing to escape with her to avoid her going to jail and for Dante to get his comeuppance for his corruption. Hide all evidence of Sharon having been at Paul’s, take her side and stand up against Dante.

Chapter 6: Cascade

As Zoe, the biggest story-relevant choices to be made in this final chapter is during her visit to Jay in Canada. Be sympathetic, comfort him and do not turn him in as another lesson to learn from the game about forgiveness and having the two move on from their pasts.

As Jay, never give in to the police or FBI. Continue to flee with Vanessa by your side until the game wraps up in Zoe’s final perspective as the two meet once more.

Please note that while these choices shape the best futures for these characters, two characters cannot and will not be saved no matter how you play the game.

As Dusk Falls is available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

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