How the Plort Market and Exchange Works in Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is an incredibly adorable game of herding slimes and making as much cash as possible. A large part of this process is the Plort Market, as that is where ranchers will be cashing in their plorts for hard earned Newbucks. But after each day, the value of each plort will increase or decrease, making certain plorts less valuable. What does this mean, and how can you work around it?

How the Plort Market works

The Plort Exchange works very similarly to how the stock exchange works in real life. If the market is saturated of a certain item, then that item will be deemed as less valuable, as there is a surplus.

If you are a maximising your slimes’ plort potential (basically filling them to the brim with their favourite foods) and are throwing dozens upon dozens of plorts into the market every day, you may be disappointed to see that you are being less rewarded for your efforts, as the value for the plorts keep decreasing.

This is because you are filling the market with the plorts, decreasing their value. To get technical, each plort’s value will increase of decrease to a maximum of 30%, depending on how many plorts are ‘in the market’. The less attention a plort gets, the more the value will increase. The more plorts that you have thrown in, the more the value decreases.

If you dump in enough plorts, on average above thirty, the price could even half.

Generally, the whole board is subject to the 30% give or take for added randomness to emulate a sense of demand as well as saturation which could very much inflate or shrink plort value, so it isn’t entirely predictable.

Every day, at 12:00am, the plort market will update their prices depending on how many plorts you have put ‘in the market’. Additionally, the volume of plorts that you have put ‘on the market’ will decrease by 25% of the previous price, so if you have dumped a huge mass into the market, you may need to wait a few days for prices to decrease.

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How to make the most profit from the Plort Market

To get around the Plort Market, you’re going to have to hold on to your plorts. Build silos and fill them with plorts when their price has decreased (symbolized by the red arrow next to the value). By stockpiling and not selling, the price’s value will begin to dramatically rise, at which point you can sell all of your plorts in one fell swoop, earning you potentially thousands of Newbucks. Make it rain!

Each plort will have their own independent fluctuations depending on your activities, so check back every day to see which plorts are safe to sell, and which you should hold on to.

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