A good chef knows their way in and around the kitchen, especially the players who enter the world of Palworld. In Pocketpair’s unique creature-catcher, players can cook themselves various meals, including the complex Cake. The Cake is primarily used to inspire two Pals to copulate and produce a Pal Egg, but assembling the ingredients isn’t necessarily straightforward.

The fluffy dessert requires five materials with a set number of pieces to gather. It’s not a lot to look into, yet the Cake is one of the more essential items to create in Palworld. For this, learning and reviewing the food’s recipe uses and reliable resources are vital to obtaining specific materials.

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Palworld explorers and chefs can bake a Cake by assembling five different resources with the help of a Cooking Pot (Technology Tier 17). A single Cake needs the following materials:

  • Flour (x5)
  • Red Berries (x8)
  • Milk (x7)
  • Egg (x8)
  • Honey (x2)

All five ingredients are relatively easy to acquire on the Palpagos Islands. Red Berries is the easiest of the bunch to grab a hold of. It’s one of the first materials you’ll assemble during the initial hours into Palworld, yet players can easily find some growing in their bushes around the Plateau of Beginnings. Other areas will contain Red Berries, though you can always slay or capture a Cattiva to obtain the berries.

The Flour is generated via a Mill (Technology Tier 15) with the help of harvested Wheat from Wheat Seeds. Milk can come from the Mozzarina Pal, located in the Bamboo Groves’ southeastern part. A stationed Mozzarina at a Ranch (Technology Tier 5) can also produce Milk at your base in Palworld. Eggs come from Chikipis, and the Ranch is also where they can do their business. Finally, Honey comes strictly from a few Pals on the Palpagos Islands: Beegarde, Cinnamoth, Elizabee, and Warsect.

Say Hello to Your Wandering Merchant

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If you’re not looking to work to obtain some of these items, you can pay a visit to the Wandering Merchant at the Small Settlement. This individual sells Red Berries, Milk, and Eggs, all priced at 50 Gold per item. They also sell Wheat and Wheat Seeds if you want to acquire some quickly. Both are 100 Gold apiece.

To bake the Cake (with accumulated ingredients), approach a Cooking Pot to begin the process. Locate the recipe in the Cooking Pot’s menu and select it to start the baking. It takes a while to bake thoroughly, so we recommend assigning a Pal with the Kindling talent to handle the labor for you. A Campfire (Technology Tier 2) will not suffice; Cake doesn’t appear as an option.

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Moreover, the Electric Kitchen (Technology Tier 41) is another option, though this is an item you’ll unlock later in the game. A Cooking Pot will suffice for the time being.

How to Use the Cake

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The Cake in Palworld isn’t a lie; it’s a tasty treat for you and your Pals to enjoy and serve as an aphrodisiac for two Pals to get with each other and start to boogie. Its SAN administration is 82, offering a Nutrition rate of 656 to whoever consumes it. It’s a delicious meal, yet it’s mainly used for the love that can occur between two Pals.

The Cake’s description reads: “A dish that is eaten during celebrations.” This may be true, but this info alludes to the dessert’s usage for the Breeding Farm (Technology Tier 19). A single serving of Cake is enough to spark some love into the air. After cooking up a Cake, place it into the box connected with the Breeding Farm to set up a session between a male Pal and a female Pal. The two begin “working” from there while the breeding process continues. “Love is blossoming between the two Pals,” the game informs us, with a Pal Egg on the way.

Expert Tip

Storing the Cake in the Breeding Farm’s container will prevent it from expiring. Remember this as you bake together several desserts for your love-hungry Pals.

It’s important to note that the Pals won’t automatically attend the Breeding Farm to start shaking the sheets. Players must manually lift them and throw them into the Breeding Farm. Only then will the game register the two Pals who will start copulating, so long as there’s a Cake for them to share and devour.

Bake those Cakes whenever possible. The more Pal Eggs produced, the more you can utilize Egg Incubators to mature the Pals onto the Palpagos Islands. It’s also a fast way to level up in Palworld!

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