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How to Make A Boat in Core Keeper


How to Make A Boat in Core Keeper

On: June 2, 2023

Core Keeper might still be in early access, but that doesn’t mean its lacking content. Through constant updates, the developers have brought new mechanics, locations, and items to the table. This is an early access game that is really vying for your time! Once you reach a certain part of Core Keeper, you’re going to run into a flooded situation. In order to survive and thrive in the Sunken Sea biome, you will need to make a boat. Let’s go over how to make one so you can start exploring this new place!

To grand adventures on the low seas!

Boat Crafting Requirements

In order to craft a boat in Core Keeper, you first need to make the Boat Workbench. This workbench requires 50 Planks and 15 Scarlet Bars, and be crafted at a Scarlet Workbench. Once you get to that point, you’ll need 80 Planks, 50 Scarlet Bars, and 20 Mechanical Parts to make your boat.

You won’t need a boat until you reach the Sunken Sea biome, one of the later locations in Core Keeper. This area is a massive beach with huge swathes of water, making travel difficult without some kind of water vessel.

In order to realistically traverse this area, you first need some Scarlet Ore and Bars. You can find this ore type in Azeos’ Wilderness. You will need a lot of it for all of the materials that you need to traverse the Sunken Sea. You will also need it for things like the Automated Drill, which makes mining significantly smoother.

Mechanical Parts are a tricky material. They drop from many different chests and bosses, but you can farm them from Cavelings. These guys are scattered across the map, but many are found in the Forgotten Ruins. Farm there for these parts!

You will also need some planks. These are a bit weirder to explain, but they’re going to be useful for the rest of your Core Keeper journey.

Boats are by far the most useful method of travel once you get to the Sunken Sea biome

How to Make Planks in Core Keeper

To make Planks in Core Keeper, you need to place Wood inside of a Table Saw. This returns simple wooden boards at a cost of one wood per plank. In order to make a Table Saw, you will need 8 Wood, 5 Copper Bars, and 5 Iron Bars.

Planks are needed almost entirely for your Boat. You will need at least 130 Planks to give one player their watercraft. And any other player is going to cost another 80! So, make sure you stock up on a ton of wood before you get to the Sunken Sea.

Planks are also used for a variety of interesting workbenches. Cartography, Jewelry, Key Casting, and Distillery Tables all requires this wooden ingredient. If you want all Core Keeper has to offer, you are going to have to cut down some forests!

How to Use a Boat in Core Keeper

Boats function a lot like the other vehicle currently in Core Keeper. The “W” key or Left Trigger accelerates you, while “S” or the Left Trigger pumps the breaks. You can turn normally, though you will have to get used to accelerating and decelerating during some of the combats in Core Keeper’s watery region.

Currently, Core Keeper doesn’t have many vehicles. The Boat is by far the more useful of the two in the game as of the Paws and Claws patch. Because of that, you are only going to have to get used to these controls in this region. Unless you want to spend a ton of resources building paths!

Thankfully, vehicles don’t really take damage or crash at any point. You can drive right into the beach without any major trouble! Make sure you figure these controls out before you drive right into the den of Omoroth the Sea Titan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Boats Go Faster in Core Keeper?

Yes, there is an upgrade for these vehicles that improves their speed. The Speeder requires 200 Coral Plank, 120 Octarine Bars, 30 Gold Bars, and 30 Mechanical Parts. This is quite expensive, so feel free to either leave it for endgame or ignore it entirely.

Can You Fish While in a Boat?

As of the Paws and Claws patch, no. It is impossible to fish while manning a vehicle.

Are There Other Vehicles in Core Keeper?

Currently, there is exactly one additional vehicle type in Core Keeper: Go-Karts! The Primitive, Renegade, and Speeder Go-Karts function much like boats do, but on land.

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