Like every good crash touchdown survival journey, your first order of enterprise in Sons of the Forest goes to be determining how you can get water together with securing a meals source by studying how you can fish. You have obtained a number of choices for staying hydrated on the island: ingesting right from a handy stream, utilizing the 3D printer to make a flask, slurping down these power drinks. Importantly: There is no such thing as a water collector in Sons of the Forest as of its early entry launch.

Listed here are all of the water sources (and different thirst meter refills) you’ll find:

  • Freshwater streams and ponds
  • A water flask
  • Vitality drinks
  • Yarrow flowers

How one can get water right from a stream 

In case you’d managed to not dip your toes in anyplace but, you need to know you’ll be able to simply drink immediately from any contemporary water source by wading in and holding E. That does embody the streams working by means of caves when you’ve gone exploring, so do not let your self go thirsty between fight. 

Once you’re selecting a location to make your extra everlasting base, go for a spot that is near a stream or pond. You may spot good choices fairly simply in your map. If you’re in a pinch although, the power drinks you’ll be able to loot across the map will refill your power and thirst meters each.

How one can make a water flask 

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Sons of the Forest - a player looks at a laptop displaying a water flask and a 100mL cost

(Picture credit score: Endnight Video games)
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Sons of the forest - a player holds a VIP keycard outside a cave

This cave is where you may discover the best 3D printer to entry. (Picture credit score: Endnight Video games)

To preserve water with you on the go, you may need to create a water flask on the 3D printer. The simpler 3D printer to achieve is at one of many green pips in your GPS, the identical one that may web you one of many three Sons of the Forest keycards (the visitor keycard location, particularly) which is closest to the pond fed by a number of streams in your map. The water flask requires 100mL of printer resin to create, which is only one cartridge that you’ll find mendacity across the room.

Importantly, you’ll be able to solely carry one water flask in your stock, which I came upon the exhausting method by trying to replenish. Don’t fret although, you’ll be able to drink from it a number of instances earlier than it wants a refill.

Is there a water collector in Sons of the Forest? 

Nope, there’s not a water collector in Sons of the Forest as of its early entry launch. A number of gamers are questioning about how you can snag a turtle shell to craft a water collector as a result of that is how water collectors have been created in The Forest. Within the sequel although, there’s not a water collector out there within the crafting survival guide. 

You additionally should not in a position to place a turtle shell immediately on the bottom or on prime of sticks as some of us have been speculating. Belief me. I’ve tried. It is both bugged (just like the fish traps) or not applied at launch. Do not go killing turtles for nothing like I did! At the least not till you see some patch notes confirming that water collectors have been added or fastened.