The Steel Net Gun is the fourth and final upgrade for the Small Net Gun in Dave the Diver. It’s one of the most reliable ranged weapons in the game, giving players ample opportunities to snatch up fish with one net. The net gun allows for a swift and safe capture, making it a promising tool that shouldn’t be neglected. And with the fourth upgrade, players can catch many unique creatures swimming in the Blue Hole.

Of course, upgrading the Small Net Gun is a task that will take you quite a bit of time. We recommend having a fully upgraded net gun to produce the steel variant to get the most out of Dave the Diver. Namely, Dave can acquire fish of high rank with the Steel Net Gun if he has the suitable materials to make one. It’s not difficult to craft the particular gun with Duff’s Weapon Shop, though players must have some items first in order to wield one.

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Dave the Diver can craft a Steel Net Gun using Duff’s Weapon Shop. Players will then need a few materials to assemble the weapon, including the following:

  • Large Net Gun (x1)
  • Steel Rope (x1)
  • Pelican Eel Skin (x3)
  • 20 Topaz
  • 3,400 Gold

The Large Net Gun is the third upgrade for the Small Net Gun, requiring its own set of materials to build. Players can purchase the Steel Rope from Duwa in the Sea People Village for 300 Bei. The Pelican Eel skin comes from harvesting Pelican Eels that live in the Glacier Passage. Of course, Dave can muster up topaz from its deposits in the Glacier Zone, while Gold is obtained in numerous ways.

With these items gathered, build the powerful net gun. It all comes after players successfully upgraded the Small Net Gun through its second and third phases: Medium Net Gun and Large Net Gun. As aforementioned, the Steel Net Gun is the fourth and final upgrade; no other version exists.

Upon crafting the weapon, players can see that it generates no damage, just the net guns that came before it. It fires a range of five, with a magazine containing six shots. With it, players can capture up to seven fish simultaneously. Players can accomplish this with the weapon’s base level. Should they mold the gun down to reach level five, they’ll soon be able to catch up to fifteen.

Expert Tip

While the steel-made gun can safely entrap sea creatures of the Blue Hole, it’s best to approach the depths with caution. We recommend investing some time into getting the Dolphin Necklace charm. It’s a reliable movement charm, increasing Dave’s dash speed by 30%. Players must complete the “Defeat Pirates” mission to obtain it.

Using the Steel Net Gun

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The Steel Net Gun is an incredible tool that Dave the Diver players should acquire as soon as possible. With it, they can capture many of the largest fish and sharks that live in the Blue Hole. These creatures include the Bluefin Tuna, Cookiecutter Shark, Humboldt Squid, Marlin, Whitetip Reefshark, and many others. Additionally, it can be used to catch Spider Crabs, which are essential for four sushi recipes at the Bancho Sushi.

Finally, it’s best to use the steel weapon when encountering aggressive fish in the Blue Hole. Conventional weapons will only exhaust the energy and time that Dave is depending on while he’s out diving.