The Future 2 Epochal Integration hand cannon is a novel curated weapon that is been added as a part of Season of the Deep. This photo voltaic shooter is the reward for the Parting the Veil quest, which acts as a little bit of an epilogue to Lightfall, explaining extra concerning the Veil, and serving to to fill in a couple of of the holes that the marketing campaign left behind.

The hunt is not significantly exhausting to finish, and it is open to everybody who’s completed the Lightfall marketing campaign—because it includes heading again to the Veil Containment Facility where you fought Calus. Right here, I am going to clarify where to get the hunt, how one can full it, and what the curated perks and origin traits are on this new gun.

How one can get Epochal Integration

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Destiny 2 Epochal Integration quest from Nimbus

You will get the hunt from Nimbus after you full Lightfall (Picture credit score: Bungie)
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Destiny 2 Epochal Integration - Vex data node

Defeat waves of Vex to unshield the harpies and gather the info (Picture credit score: Bungie)
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Destiny 2 Epochal Integration mission flag

The Parting the Veil mission sees you head again into Veil Containment (Picture credit score: Bungie)
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Destiny 2 Epochal Integration at the Pouka Pond

Epochal Integration is a curated weapon with a alternative of perks (Picture credit score: Bungie)

To assert this particular photo voltaic hand cannon it’s worthwhile to head to Neomuna and see Nimbus. As soon as you’ve got accomplished the primary Lightfall marketing campaign, they’re going to provide the Parting the Veil quest that rewards the weapon. The hunt is pretty simple, however listed below are the steps:

  • Defeat Cabal on Neomuna to get Vex monitoring knowledge (there are a lot in Ahimsa Park).
  • Head to the collapse Maya’s Retreat with the Vex conflux. Kill waves of Vex to un-shield the three Interlocutor Harpies, then kill every of them, earlier than gathering the Vex Knowledge from the node. You will get to Maya’s Retreat by means of the east facet of Liming Harbor.
  • Do the identical factor once more on the Irkalla Advanced, simply by the Veil Containment Facility where you combat the Shadow Legion over the last mission of the marketing campaign. You will get to Irkalla Advanced by means of the west facet of Zephyr Concourse. 
  • Now, activate and full the Parting the Veil mission exercise from the flag close to where you simply had been. This has a 1770 energy stage, plus you may must combat a Tormentor boss in Calus’s enviornment with the identical annoying pillars of darkness. Fortunately, he is loads simpler to kill, although.
  • All it’s worthwhile to do now could be head to the Pouka Pond to gather your hand cannon.

Epochal Integration is curated just like the ritual weapon you get every season for levelling your Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible repute. This is what its perk decisions are:

In case you’re doing PvE stuff, then Maintain Away and Incandescent is a reasonably good combo, making enemies explode and unfold scorch once you kill them, plus supplying you with a reload bonus once you’re preventing enemies at vary.